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Sunday 28 July 2013

Friday Hop ~ Feature & Follow Friday and Book Blogger Hop

How do you organise your books to be read?

This is a fantastic topic and I can't wait to read everyone's replies. I'm looking for an organising app of some sort to help me catalogue all my books, as I've bought several duplicates, so I'd love a system that will let me know what books I already own.

So far my only organisation tool is Goodreads and I organise books to be read by looking at my calendar, seeing what books I've got up for review, reading those first, along with other special events like Read-along and Bookclub reads and then after all that then my personal TBR pile.

Looking forward to everyone's response!

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This week's Featured Bloggers

Q. What do you do with your books after you're done reading them?

Firstly I'm glad I'm not the only one that refers to books as "them". I thought I was the only one LOL

Can you all believe I've got more unread books in my shelf than I do "read" books? I don't really know where my read books have gone because I do buy quite a lot, and I do have some on my shelf but I'm sure I've read a lot more books than what is on my shelf. So for the purpose of this exercise, my answer is...I keep the books if:-

  • It's part of a series 
  • It's a book that I plan to re-read
  • It's a beautiful classic, leather-bound kind of books that I MUST keep!
However, if it's not any of the above I will most likely donate to my local library or charity.

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guiltlessreader said...

Love GR but I use it just to keep track of what I've read, not for what needs to be read. I just have an ever growing of books in the TBR it's getting a little scary.

kipha said...

LoL "them" I call them that too from time to time, well, a lot. It has been difficult to organize which books to read first for a while now. And like you said, I think I might have more to-read books too than read books. Which makes it even more difficult to choose which book to read first! LOL

Elizabeth said...

GREAT idea for organizing...whatever works for each person. I like the calendar idea...that may be easier.

I now use an Excel spreadsheet to keep my books in the order I need to read them.

Stop by for my full, organized answer if you like. :)

Happy Hopping!!

Silver's Reviews
My Blog Hop Answer

Maria Behar said...

Hi, Angelica!

Gee, it sounds like you're much more organized than I am! Lol. I do have TBR shelves on Goodreads and Shelfari, but that's no guarantee I'll read the books on those lists in any type of order. Besides, I don't even own most of those books (yet!)

You have an interesting answer about what to do with books once you've read them. I donate them, too -- but only if I don't like them at all. In other words, if I HATE them, and never want to see them again. That doesn't happen too often, but it DOES happen.

I can't donate or give away a book if I LOVE it. It's mine forever!! It's my treasure, and I will never be able to part with it!

Thanks for sharing!! : )

Vonnie said...

Good luck in trying to figure a more organized way in keeping your books. And yes, I do believe you have more unread books on your shelves then read. I'm in the same boat.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Kate said...

I've just really started using GoodReads to help organize my books, but I have a hard time sticking to it. I like to just have them lined up on a shelf. :-)

Unknown said...

Goodreads is definitely a fantastic tool. And an app to keep track of your books is great too. I use a spreadsheet for all of my unread books, but an app to keep track of the books I own and have read would really be useful. Especially since I lend my books to people all the time.

Thanks for stopping by my BBH! I hope you find the inspiration you're looking for to organize your books.

Ashling @ Reading, Writing, & Anything but Arithmetic

кєяo said...

Thanks for stopping by blog. Goodreads has been a really big help to me too. I have also made lots of blogger friends because of Goodreads.

NV said...

I never thought of getting a book organizing app! That could be a really cool tool. (IF I would keep up with it).
I tend to think tangibly. What if you used a rolodex in a different way - adding a card for every book, then you would see the doubles right there and you could have everything alphabetical.

Unknown said...

Your banner is probably the cutest thing I've seen all day! I love it :) New follower on Blog Lovin', GFC, and Google+

Stop by if you're interested!


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