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Monday 15 July 2013

Day 7 Book Blogger Challenge ~ Blogging Quirks

The 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is created by April at Good Books and Good Wine. Daily for the duration of 15 days each blogger participating will post their reply to the corresponding topic above. April will post up her daily response along with a linky so that participating bloggers can leave their own link to their daily post. Click on the event banner or link above for more information or to sign-up.

Here's my Book Blogger Challenge Responses:

Day 7 ~ Blogging Quirks

I don't have many Blogging Quirks because I've only been a book blogger for only 7 months now. I had a personal blog prior to this one but it had no structure and my posts were sporadic at best.  Now I'm still on a learning curve so I don't really have any set quirks because I'm still trying to learn the best methods to work on my blog. However, here's a few:-

  • I use the same format for the same type of post eg. cover reveals all have the same formats, blog tours have all the same format etc. I know you can't really deviate much but I wish I had more originality in formatting my posts. 
  • I tend to forget the purchase links, I haven't found a good format for it...words or icons? I prefer icons because I like to use the Amazon preview icon, but the others just don't look right with it.
  • I always have to preview when I make changes just to see what it looks like posted. 
  • I have a HUGE list of things I want to learn for my blog whether it be formatting, coding etc. 
  • I draft my reviews on a word doc and copy & paste on blogger when semi-complete.
  • I draft and schedule the majority of my posts for blog tours, cover reveals, blitzes etc as soon as I get the email OR a week prior to the event, additional info eg. reviews, giveaway codes are added as received/complete but the bulk must be done in advance.
  • I draft my review posts with the Book and Author info, this also serves as an organisation technique for me, seeing the titles on my draft folder serves as a reminder that, that book needs to be reviewed. 
  • I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my blog, my reviews etc. 
  • I always use a Thesaurus when writing my reviews otherwise I'd  use the same words again and again, once I get a descriptive word in my mind for that book it keeps resurfacing throughout the entire review.
  • I like my titles, labels etc to be uniform, eg I just had to change my title from "Book Blogger Challenge Day 7" to "Day 7 Book Blogger Challenge" when I realised that's how my other Book Blogger Challenge titles were written.
  • I tend to make a few "updates" because once it's published and I preview I still have to make certain changes, it could be something as minor as putting a word in bold, or putting a space in.


Donna said...

I use a thesaurus a lot too, but not just for reviews. I will sometimes use a thesaurus even for a Facebook post. I tend to get stuck on certain words too, and I will even start using them in daily conversation which usually makes my family and friends roll their eyes. I'm not quite as organized with my blog posts as you are but I would like to be.

Unknown said...

Thesaurus! Okay, feeling kind of dumb for not thinking of that one sooner. Your blog is gorgeous. My older daughter is obsessed with all things princess. She saw your blog over my shoulder and tried to wrestle the laptop away from me.

Unknown said...

I always, always preview before I publish, and then I still have to go back and edit after it's up. I like my titles and everything to be uniform too.

I love your blog's design!

Jenna @ Rather Be Reading YA

Tammy said...

I love your list of quirks. I too have a HUGE list of thinks I still need/want to learn about blogging. I'm trying really hard to learn the whole twitter thing. LOL


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