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Thursday 11 July 2013

Day 1-2 Book Blogger Challenge

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is created by April from Good Books and Good Wine. The purpose of this challenge is to post a response to the topic questions above, daily for the next 15 days. Link your post to each day's linky at April's blog so other bloggers can come and check out your answers. Since I'm coming to the party late, but you know what they say "better late than never" I decided to combine my Day 1 and Day 2 posts in one post and begin fresh from Day 3. 

Day 1 15 Book Related Confessions 

  1. My books must be in pristine and immaculate condition.
  2. I love being the first person to borrow a new library book.
  3. I love the new book smell. 
  4. When I start collecting the books in a series, I must have the entire series in my collection, I just cannot stop,  it doesn't matter if I stop liking the series midway through. This brings me to a pet hate, why do Publishers release box sets when the series isn't complete yet? This is pointless!
  5. I've got an entire bookshelf that takes up a whole wall in my lounge room filled with unread books and another 1000+ on my ebook reader. 
  6. I accidentally buy duplicates constantly. I have no way to catalogue the books I already have.
  7. I re-read books in a series eg. when book 2 is released I must re-read book 1 prior to reading book 2, when book 3 is released I must re-read book 1 and 2 prior to reading book 3 and so on and so on...
  8. My most memorable books are the ones that have made me cry. 
  9. Despite having heaps of bookmarks I tend to use whatever paper is next to me, whether it be a receipt, a bus ticket, torn corner from my phone bill or the entire bill itself.
  10. I prefer the ebook format for review books.
  11. I remove dust jackets when reading hard backs. 
  12. I cannot walk into a store that sells books without buying one.
  13. I'm a cover snob and I do judge a book by it's cover.
  14. I love Twilight and have read the entire series 3 times. 
  15. I cannot leave the house without any means of reading a book, whether it be through my ebook reader, my ipad or my phone. 

Day 2 Bedtime Reading Routine 

I unfortunately do not have any bedtime reading routine. I spend a lot of time on the computer and reading, it's just what's more interesting to me at that point in time. Most of my computer time is spent blogging or checking out other book blogger blogs, or doing something book related on the computer anyway, so more often than not I just rotate between the two. 

I've stopped trying to read when it gets really late because I find myself falling asleep as I'm reading, having no recollection of what's happening in the pages I've just read and having to re-read the same pages/chapters the following day...waste of time.

The only resemblance of bedtime reading routine I have at the moment is when I can't go to sleep I start reading until I feel sleepy enough to go to bed. Normally I start falling asleep on the lounge as that's where I read.


Spiced Latte said...

I know what you mean about Blogging BFFs! I feel like there are so many people out there that it's hard to start talking to somebody personally lol


Lizzy said...

If I had a million dollars, I'd have my own library. I'm limited on space so I have to constantly donate/giveaway books. Even if I hated the book, it makes me super sad to part with it.

IDK how to get a blogging BFF but the people I considered closest are the ones that have been there for me through the rough patches in the last year. Its true when they say that you only know whoyour rreal friends are when shit hits the fan.

Holly Letson said...

"6. I accidentally buy duplicates constantly. I have no way to catalogue the books I already have."

1. I can relate. I tend to get duplicates, too, since books get released with different covers. I really cannot remember all of the 2000+ books I own.

2. The other half is incorrect. You can use Goodreads to keep track of books you have. It'd take alot of time to add all the books to your GR: TBR shelf or a "Books I Own" shelf, but would ultimately be worth it. I've been slowly adding alot of the books I have to my GR: TBR shelf....which is why I find it sad when people want your GR: TBR shelf link to choose a book for you in a contest....Damn, I own between 1/2 +/- of those already.
Also, you can put the Goodreads app on your phone, and after you add all your books, there will be a list of your books, so you won't get duplicates, anymore.

"11. I remove dust jackets when reading hard backs."
I also do this, and find it kinda weird when people don'.

"15. I cannot leave the house without any means of reading a book, whether it be through my ebook reader, my ipad or my phone."
Definitely me! My Dad used to tell me, back before I got my eReaders: "Holly, there's no point in carrying a bag of books with you everywhere you go. Surely, you won't read more than 1 or 2 today. Why don't you just carry a couple with you instead?", then laugh and roll eyes as I still carried my bag of, at least, a dozen books along.

Annie J said...

I'm now following your blog without reading anything else because of 1, 2, 9, 11 and 13 because I just thought - yup, me too!

hi :)

Kristilyn (Reading In Winter) said...

I love being the first person to take out a library book, too! Working in a library gives me the occasional opportunity to take out a book BEFORE it's even ready for the shelf. It's perfect!


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