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Tuesday 7 July 2009

A New we come!

I've been MIA lately from this blog. I really wanted to have a particular topic and point of interest for this blog but unfortunately I tend to go through phases/obsessions and as you can tell from the start of my blog entries, my blog topics follows me through those stages of my life. I've gone through my tech-loving, interior designing/furnishing, bookworm stages and am more likely to go through this is what this blog will be about, my journey.

You wonder why I'm to write such an entry now? Well I've got a new obsession, makeup! Yes what a bizarre obsession for a late-20s woman to have, but nonetheless, I'm all of a sudden attracted to all the pretty makeups available to us women and men nowadays. So stay tuned and hope y'all stay for the journey, to whatever topic/obsession that may arise now and in the future ;)

Whilst I'm certainly not a total newbie to the makeup world, thanks to my Mum, I really should wear it more often at my age (26 nearly 27), but I am lucky to have good skin and complexion, once again credit to my Mother and her I've been able to be on the "lazy" side of things as I didn't need to cover anything. However, now those nice "rosey-never-needing-to-wear-blush" cheeks are starting to look red, blotchy and uneven...I've decided now is the best time as any.


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