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Sunday 24 August 2008

Being organised...again!

Ok as per my previous post I've been quite unorganised lately and have definitely suffered tremendously. As many know I'm quite thrifty and will walk that extra few metres to save $2...that's just me, hence when I'm getting charged $11 late fee for a few days late I get really frustrated and upset...that's $11 out of my pocket and nothing to show for it.

Now I can understand if I simply didn't have the money, what can you do, but I've had the money and since I've just been piling my mail both in mailbox AND everywhere else I just haven't opened it. Therefore, these late fees are only due to me being LAZY! I'm usually very "a" word with all things, organisation is a specialty of mine but the last few weeks...I don't know is it because I've been sick with the flu? Is it because there are just so many bills I'm overwhelmed and don't want to deal with it? I don't know but one thing I do know is that it must STOP!

I MUST START BEING MORE ORGANISED! It honestly takes less than 5 minutes to pay things via internet banking via BPay so there is really no excuse. Therefore, I make a pact in front of this blog and readers to be more organised. Even to just take one day per week to do 10 minutes of bills will keep me in tip top shape. Due to me being "a" word with organising things I don't need to worry about past things and filing of those past bills as they are all done it's just the new stuff. Whilst the mess didn't seem to be enough motivation to stay organised I know the fact that I'm loosing precious pennies or here in Australia, cents, is what's going to get me back on the organising mode. So wish me luck and will keep you posted on how I'm going.

Saturday 23 August 2008

Birthday Season

I cannot believe that the birthday season in my household is about to hit. Whilst my puppy's, Mum's and Sister's birthday are April, May and June (respective order) mine and Mr's are September, October and our Anniversary in November. Why can't birthdays be more spread out? "Dates" just do not co-ordinate with me; Car Registration for example are due on May, July and August! 

Anyhow, back to the topic birthday season in my household. I wanted to throw a birthday party when we turned 25 (a year apart) mine was last year but due to me being too thrifty I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on one night and have nothing to show for it, so we didn't have one. This year however, I was contemplating on having a combined celebration for both our birthdays (only one month apart, his on Oct 10th mine is on Sept 19th). 

However, I do not know what to do? I do not want something too large and expensive just a gathering between close family & friends...what do y'all think? Just to explain a lil bit about Mr & I. We are that couple that goes to birthday parties and any type of party and/or gathering, grab something to eat, give the gift and stay for a max of an hour and then go home, hence why the thought of having an all-nighter party at our home or even at a house is not our idea as we would be stuck till EVERYONE leaves, and some people just do not get the point that the party is OVER!

So we'll be throwing ideas around, hope y'all can help me. Oh the stress of having a simple celebration :( Keep you posted on decisions!

Friday 22 August 2008

Colin; the baby whale

For those that are in Australia you will know all about Colin, the baby humpback whale that has plagued our news in the last few days.

The story of Colin begins when he came into view, dawdling at the bottom of nearby ships, seemingly looking for it's Mother that has apparently abandoned the baby whale.

Officials have decided not to feed him, stating that us humans shouldn't interfere with nature. Colin has now been starving for five days and keep trying to feed on these ships, assuming that's his Mother, it's quite a sad scene and one that has touched me.

Officials are debating on what to do and yet it never came to their minds to feed the poor whale, they are thinking of euthanasia thinking that this poor whale if released could encounter sharks and till it's Mother comes back for him, which is doubtful it seems that baby Colin's destiny is not bright to say the least.

Further info can be found in the Sydney Morning Herald Article, we could only hope that these officials make the right choice for this poor baby whale.

Wednesday 20 August 2008

Lee Jeans + Brown Boots

Seriously no need to make me feel bad, I know, I've broken my supposed spending "ban" and I honestly feel sooooo bad about it, but as most will know, once you find a good sale you just have to excuse yourself from such a ban...right? I'm hoping about now I'm getting a "yeehah" or "hallelujah" from my readers. 

So I bought 2 x Supertube Lee Jeans both in blue AND I got my Spoilt Brown Boots!!! I went to the Lady at the store and said (and this is no joke, this is seriously what I said to her):"This is your last pair in a size 5, I'm willing to offer you $40 for it because I got the black version from ... (another nearby suburb) for $30, want to sell it to me or not?"

Sales Lady got on the phone contacted her Boss and said Boss agreed immediately stating that winter is now coming to an end, damn now that I think about it I should've offered $30 and went from there, I probably could've gotten it for $30. Nonetheless, I managed to get my brown boots and I'm one happy chicky. 

Pics will follow of my 3 new additions.

Tuesday 19 August 2008

My Face of the Day

After reading my newly-found blog, The Rauths and an old outstanding thread on a forum I frequent I decided to do my own "Face of the Day" so without further a do this is what I use daily:-
Olay Deep Cleansing Face Wash for Combination skin
Olay Complete Moisturiser with SPF 15+ for Sensitive skin.

Neutrogena Eye Cream

Megan Gale Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 30+ - Love this product not only for it's high SPF coverage and it's UVA and UVB but it's texture is not at all heavy and yet it gives decent coverage.

Pout Flush Blush in Wild Berries - I love this stuff for several reasons. It's multi-purpose (lips, eyes and cheeks), the stick lasts forever, gives you a natural flush/blushing look and it's absolutely fool proof for someone that hasn't learnt the art of make-up application such as myself.

Benefit High Beam - Liquid highlighter and another fool proof item. I put this on my eyebrow bone and top of my cheekbones.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip protectant with SPF - Very moisturising and can be used on it's own or over lipstick, I also love it's texture not at all sticky and the SPF is great!

Monday 18 August 2008

Recommend me some blogs!!!

As per my previous post, I had started to read Sippycups are for Chardonnay, a blog written by a SAHM (Stay at Home Mum), wife of a Doctor, previous Stationer and her posts range from her children, events she co-ordinates, improvements she makes in her home, bargains she finds in the shops and everything else in between.

To be honest I'm quite surprised because we don't really have much in common and yet I thoroughly enjoyed her blog, so much so that I've read the entire blog...yes from archives to current posting. I'm yet to write her a note to let her know how much I enjoy her blog. Anyhow, now that I've finished reading her blog and just receiving posts as she writes them I would love to hear some recommendations on blogs that you enjoy. Looking forward to reading some fascinating and interesting blogs.

Saturday 16 August 2008

Spending Ban!

As per yesterday's post I wanted to go back to the shopping centre to try those dresses and even grab them. Well I didn't grab ANY of the ones I wanted, either they didn't look good on or they didn't fit/have size available...disappointing! What's worse is that I eventually walked away with a grey knitted, winter sweater dress and I'm having buyer's remorse. It was only $35 RRP $70, it looks lovely but I'm just thinking it's one of those purchases that I know how it would look good yet never actually wear it, we'll soon see, pics to follow, I promise.

I found these beautiful brown boots, nice heels, perfect size even then it was too big and they no longer had a size 5, I'm normally between 5-6, and it was only $30!!! So missed out on those, another disappointment.

I then found this perfect Oroton bag! It's not the same as the pic above but it's the closest pic I could find just to give you guys some idea. This would fit my laptop PERFECTLY!!! Unfortunately there's these silver notches that the handles goes through so the zip section is measuring around 9" whereas my laptop measures 9.2". I won't relent so quickly, I'm going to take my laptop next time I'm around there and see if I can put it in sideways and then straighten it in once it's inside, oh my, I can just imagine if it does fit, it'll be just the perfect laptop bag! I would want to carry my lappy everywhere LoL! 

Then there was this beautiful Bardot biker jacket (8 in a brown and 10 in a black) $349.95 so it would be slightly cheaper than this luckily for my bank account the brown was a hideous colour and I just bought a black one so certainly didn't need another one. I'm lemming a Bardot corset top as well for $55.

Ok so after all that, yesterday AND today I'm on a spending ban for the rest of the week! Yes no spending on ANY type of clothing. I'm writing it on this blog so I stick to it.

I also bought this Oroton trifold leather wallet for Mr and an Oroton pair of sunnies for moi, I will get pics of the sunnies when I line em all up for pics!

Tuesday 12 August 2008

Hog's Breathe Cafe

Last night my first night that I was able to go out, Mr Sazzy Angel & I went to Hog's Breathe Cafe. A new one has recently opened a few suburbs up from us and boy am I glad that I went with his recommendation as I just wanted to grab takeaway ribs from my local Pizza Inn and devour it at home, but he wanted to go and try it out, I was really hesitant cos I didn't feel dressed to impress.

Regardless off we went and I was impressed! They had the usual Texan, outback-style theme that most steak houses possess (aka Lonestar) but it was very inviting and it felt minimal chaos, I find most steak houses is very chaotic. A few things that really stood out to me were:-

- Souvenir stand at the very front of the store
- Bar was sectioned off which I really, really appreciate! It totally changes the atmosphere, to me anyway, sometimes you just want a nice, quiet family dinner and let's face it, most that go to the bar/pub-style restaurants are there to get drunk! So it's nice not to have to view their drunken stupor.
- The whole restaurant was sectioned off beautifully, another part I totally appreciate! Each section would say have about 15 tables mixed of large, 4-seaters and 2 seaters and a cashier in the corner of each section. Now the dividers definitely doesn't cover the noise but it's certainly heaps better, you are able to concentrate more on your meal and your party than the big massive party that's totally loud and rowdy as they would hopefully be in another section, not having to sight them is better than hearing and seeing them. The kitchen is right at the back accessible to all the sections.
- Little details. Eg. their decorations, their beer bottles turned into salt & pepper shakers oh and did I mention their decoration and theming? Yeah I know I was just totally impressed with how they had put it all together.
- They also offer a discount card which could be had for $50 or you can get it stamped each time you go there and after 6 times you get a card. The card entitles you to 25% off each of your main meals. Main meals are priced at about $29.95 which is very good for the quality of the food.

Ok the quality of the food. It was divine. I had the ribs whilst Mr had the steak and the Wait staff had stated that they were well-renowned for their meat as they marinated it for 15 hours. The meat off the ribs just fell off without any trouble and it was so soft and scrumptious and just delicious, I love it! The sauce was a bit strong for me, but nonetheless, their special Hog's tail chips were also delish.

The wait staff were very friendly, I felt maybe too friendly, but it may be because we're not used to such interaction. Australian wait-staff doesn't seem to interact with the customers as much as they do in America for example. Yet they were terrific and very eager to please and make you comfortable. Yes you also get the bib which I wanted to put on till Mr gave me a look of: "Take that off or I'm moving to another table" so I reluctantly took it off :( LoL

Overall I'd have to give Hog's Breathe Cafe a 9/10...there wasn't anything I didn't like but I think to give a restaurant a 10/10 it has to be totally outstanding and stand out from the rest. I feel that Hog's Breathe, despite being better than Lonestar in my books, it wasn't a standout from the rest, decorations and theming were very similar despite Hog's Breathe doing it better it wasn't original.


Just wanted to let people know that I haven't neglected my blog, have been bed ridden the last few days, got the flu, so will see you all soon, but till then...wish me luck in getting out of bed!

Friday 8 August 2008


Today is the 08-08-08 and the first day of the Olympics in Beijing. The number 8 is a lucky number for the Chinese, and thus, the choice in date for the Olympics in China. I like such numbers but not for the aspect of luck, I believe we make our own, but more for the fact that it is so easy to remember. Therefore, I'd like to marry either 09-09-09 or 10-10-10, probably more 2010 as that's my partner's birthday October 10th. My dog's birthday is 04-04-04, now do you think any owners, despite how much they love their pets would remember their actual birthday? I think not, yet, I do...why? Cos it's a brilliant date that is easily remembered, so when I can help it, I will just try and make occasions on such dates.

Back to the 08-08-08, 96 Weddings took place today in the Local Registries, most being Asians ofcourse with the belief of a lucky day. 96 seems to be quite a high rate of weddings, and that's just at the registry, not including those that got married in an actual ceremony with a Registrar, I suppose will see shortly how lucky the date really is ;)

Wednesday 6 August 2008

Inspirational Boards

I just found a wonderful blog; Sippycups are for Chardonnay. Don't you just love the title of her blog? I wish I could have that much creativity to think of a title like that! She has created a Martha Stewart style blog and I love the contents. However, the main thing that has jumped out to me are these inspirational boards...aren't they great! These are like a brainstorming board, where you put all different things that come to mind together, or you can just use it as a scrapbooking. You can do it with different color schemes and for different ocassions from weddings to baby shower etc.


Oh my what a find! This is definitely not something new but went into it just out of curiosity...ok I'll be honest I was checking out more laptop bags and sleeves and I found some beautiful, unique very original designs from Etsy.

From what I can gather from my laptop search is that Etsy is a site similar to that of Ebay but most items are homemade. There are heaps of Sellers there that have immense talent! I mean you can sorta see though how much the shops tack on to their items. There are beautiful material, all different types of material and patterned sleeve, you can tell it's home made yet they are more beautiful than store bought and they are priced well too, so check Etsy out. There are heaps more available including dresses, accessories etc.

So please do yourself a favour and check it out! I'm kinda sad now should've found out about it before purchasing my laptop sleeve and bag, oh well...I'll know for next time...LoL


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