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Sunday 19 October 2008

Childhood Ring

I'm so very sad at the moment, I went to go out late last night to the beach and was scared because we never leave our home unattended at times like that. I feared that someone might break in etc etc so I had taken all my childhood and "special" jewelry out of my jewelry box and hid it, but one I put on my pinky and now I can't find it.

I realised shortly after last night so it could be in my driveway, my friend's driveway, or opposite my friend's property as that's where we parked our car, in my house or in the car, but nonetheless I've searched the front and haven't found it. 

I'm so very sad and I wanted to cry desperately but couldn't, I somehow feel that it's around, I even feel that maybe I took it off before I actually went out but just forgot where I put it, but I'm not sure. I didn't and couldn't cry till I called my Mum this morning and told her, she wasn't upset over the ring, she was more upset over me being the way I'm 26 years old and still crying to my Mum, I'm very much a child when I'm around/talking/near my Mum.

Car Accident

I was told last night by Mr's friend that the accident that was reported here involved a person we know, not a friend. 

The person we knew, a 24 year old I believe, was drag racing with a motor cycle when his car clipped the median strip and he lost control and went onto oncoming traffic where he hit a 50 year old man, Father of four. It's unknown at this stage, but there was a 17 year old girl who was in one of the vehicles but at the time they thought that it was from the van but later believed she was a passenger from the S2000 (car racing). 

The 50 year old man later died on the crash sight after awaiting 3 hours to be rescued out of the vehicle whilst the driver (racing) of the Honda S2000 is in critical condition at Liverpool Hospital and has undergone operation for internal injuries. The 17 year old woman has also undergone operation and is said to be in critical but stable condition.

It's appalling when I hear stories like this because I see so many idiots on the road. I've got a semi-sports vehicle (not performance enhanced but looks like a sports car) and I've always got hoodlums trying to race thanks! I feel that if they want to kill themselves, fine but don't drag innocent people with your stupidity. I will leave it at that because I'm really angry about news reports like this.

The man who was drag racing also has 3 small children, they would most probably be left without a Father either way because if he survives he will be doing a long time in jail for manslaughter, to be honest, I would probably be more inclined to say I'd rather die if I'm in that situation because I don't know if I could live the rest of my life in jail and knowing I killed another person.

Tuesday 7 October 2008

Ebay Depression and Confusion

As I previously mentioned, I'm quite bad in actually ensuring that I'm on Ebay at the right time to win an auction. One may think that I've purchased so many furniture pieces lately, but some did not go through...basically only the wingback chairs and the antique buffet went through. I adore the dressing table but because of our current home situation we were not able to go through it.

Anyway, out of all the things I've been recently watching, an Asian ceramic stool similar to the one below but in olive colour and the Thai stool I posted about earlier were the only two pieces I "really" wanted. BOTH I forgot to bid for!!! I missed the auction and am extremely sad, both pieces went under what I would have paid for it. The ceramic stool below ended for only $39.99 (starting bid) and the other went for $41 or thereabouts. So so sad...

I bought the Vintage French Chair similar to the one below for $110. I initially posted the pic of the actual chair but the pic is quite small so I found one similar. This is something that is not easy to come by here in Australia. If it was found here in Oz it would be in an antique store and it would be costing a fortune, so I think this is a really good buy and am thrilled with it.

Now you have seen the two desks below. I'm so unsure which to get. Whilst the 2nd is obviously "beautiful" and perfect and I love how it's got heaps of storage it's not exactly antique, but I feel for $200 including the chair I find it to be a bargain, what do you think? I'm really quite confused, I'm thinking maybe purchase the first and then stay with that until I find the perfect antique secretary similar to the 4th pic below. This one ended on Ebay for $700. 

Courtney from Stylecourt a few months ago did a mini-series* asking other bloggers and Interior designers what they feel is the first "investment" piece one should get. Kate from DID and another friend of Courtney's stated that a good secretary (like the one in the 4th pic) is a good first investment as it can go in any room. However, I find that the 2nd pic is close enough isn't it? I don't know, so confused...

Source:- Gumtree

Source:- Ebay

Speaking of Ebay and the mini-series* that Courtney from Stylecourt wrote, another one of the tips for first investment is an antique table like the pic directly above. The mini-series* states to purchase an antique that's versatile similar to the Leaf drop table above and the secretary in the picture above that. It can be put in any room and used for different purposes ie. the drop leaf table can be used as a hall table, bedside table and a dining table. I'm hoping to nab this bargain too so stay tuned.

Source:- Gumtree
Lastly I'm picking this set up first thing tomorrow morning. Whilst not antique I love the legs on it and I love the white shabby chic look, it'll definitely put a spin into my all wood decor. This set is only for $70.

So sorry for this everlasting post but this post is really about the sadness I'm feeling for missing out on not one but TWO of the items I've been watching for over a week!!! I was happy to just get ONE of these items and I lost out on BOTH!

Also I'm really really confused about which secretaire-look-alike to purchase. Whilst the roller desk is such a bargain at $25 and I can easily make drawers for it cheaply, but the 2nd pic is quite beautiful with all of it's spaces. There are heaps of drawers in various sizes and pigeon style items, I mean it's only $200 right? What's also tempting is that the 2nd and 3rd pic off desks, look both very similar to me and the 3rd pic is selling for $595 without a chair...what to do??? If you have any comments or advise of which to get I'd love to hear from you.

*Mini-series on Stylecourt blog starts with post "The Building Blocks" please check it out, it's such a knowledgeable read.


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