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Thursday 4 July 2013

Day 4 Summer Lovin Read-a-thon {Participation Post & Book Spine Poetry Challenge}

Welcome to Day 4 of the Summer Lovin Read-a-thon. Check out my sign-up, participation and challenge post for Day 1 here, my Day 2 update and participation post here and Day 3's update, challenge and participation post here. Signups close on July 6th so there's still time to be part of this interactive and fun Read-a-thon, click on the event banner above for all the official stuff.

Day 3 Update

Books Read: Losing Francesca by J.A. Huss (15 pages)
Pages Read: 15
Total Books Finished: None
Total Pages Read: 197

Challenge: Page 99 Test hosted by Reviewing Wonderland

Today has been a really horrible day of reading for me, I've been so sick with the flu and migraine and I've been in bed all day. I'll hopefully be able to do more reading tomorrow to redeem myself.

Participation Post topics schedule

Share a quote from your current read or tell us about a book that really pulled on your heart strings. What was it about that book/quote that made you cry?

There are many books that I really enjoy and like, but there are only a few that really tug at my heart strings, really provides me a lot of food for thought, gives me lots of emotional turmoil and have me remembering my emotions whilst reading this book long after I've read the last page. Here's one of those books.

Between The Lives 

by Jessica Shirvington

Published: May 1, 2013
Publisher: Harper Collins Australia
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance


Above all else, though I try not to think about it, I know which life I prefer. And every night when I Cinderella myself from one life to the next a very small, but definite, piece of me dies. The hardest part is that nothing about my situation has ever changed. There is no loophole. 

Until now, that is... 

For as long as she can remember, Sabine has lived two lives. Every 24 hours she Shifts to her ′other′ life - a life where she is exactly the same, but absolutely everything else is different: different family, different friends, different social expectations. In one life she has a sister, in the other she does not. In one life she′s a straight-A student with the perfect boyfriend, in the other she′s considered a reckless delinquent. Nothing about her situation has ever changed, until the day when she discovers a glitch: the arm she breaks in one life is perfectly fine in the other. 

With this new knowledge, Sabine begins a series of increasingly risky experiments which bring her dangerously close to the life she′s always wanted... But just what - and who - is she really risking?

The following passage is taken from a letter written by Ethan to Sabine (main character).

Unfortunately I'm unable to say WHY this passage made me cry without giving spoilers, but basically it was the dynamics in their relationship. Between the Lives was really emotional, the emotions between the characters exploded through the pages and this letter, which was the chapter before the last had me crying like a baby as I read it. 

Partly, the choice was selfish and for that, I am sorry.

For so long now people have been trying to fix me but where they failed, you succeeded. You've given me more life in the last couple of weeks than I've had in years. Being with you, loving you, making memories with you, fearing for you, wanting to show you the beauty of life instead of the terror - it was bitter-sweet, but more importantly, Sabine - it was real.

I know this is the part when I beg you to go on, live your life and be happy. But I don't need to say those things. I know you. Your lives will be extraordinary. You certainly made mine feel that way.

Here are two other books in this category for me. You can find quotes for Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell at my Teaser Tidbits Challenge here.

Linked to Goodreads

Stargazer until I die
Lost in time where rainbows end
Bluemoon, Nightstar,
The Sky is everywhere,
Star Cursed

Die for me,
Shatter me, 
Unravel me,
Until I die


Book Bunny said...

Ps. I love You is indeed a very sad and beautiful book. I have read it ages ago and should probably read it again!
I have seen Eleanor & Park in many blogs.. Maybe I should check it out too..

Unknown said...

I remember I read PS I Love You, but I can't remember if I cried! I know I cried, and still do every time, while watching the movie!!

Anonymous said...

I love the sky imagery in your poem! So pristine. Be sure to link it up so you can qualify for the giveaway. The list is open and accepting entries now until midnight. :)

Kelly said...

I love your first poem! "Star Cursed" gives the poem a nice ring to it. :D

Anonymous said...

I see that you have included another poem! I love the last one. The repetition of 'me' makes it sound so much more passionate and demanding.

Lee @ Rally the Readers said...

Awesome poems, Angelica! I love how you used the two series for the second one; the titles work so well together! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I loved your book today. I added it to my Good Reads Want to Read list. :) Your spine poems were neat too. Really creative.

Kim said...

I love your poem!

Jenna said...

I need to read PS I LOVE YOU because I love the movie. I bet the book is just as (if not more) movin!

Love your poems as well -- nice work!

Jenn @ Book Beats
my spine poetry

Unknown said...

YOU COPIED ME! LOL We pretty much had the same idea for which books to use.

Holly Letson said...

Nice Spine Poems.

Tamara Ford said...

Awesome poems! You're second poem reminded me that I want to read Amy Plum's series. Maybe I'll get to it soon. :-) Thanks for sharing them!

Tamara @ Shelf Addiction


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