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Sunday 22 March 2009

Thanks for the Memories by Cecilia Ahern

Review:- Joyce Conway awakes at the hospital. She has had an accident, she tripped on her stairs and she's lost her baby, the one she has been trying for, for the last ten years. She wants to start a new life and she decides to separate from her husband and moves in with her father, Henry. 

Justin is a recently divorced Professor who has moved to London to be with his daughter. He's also a guest speaker at St Trinity College at Dublin. Whilst at St Trinity he is forced to donate blood by an attractive Doctor. 

Justin and Joyce's lives collide before they meet. Joyce receives the blood that Justin donates. On the way home from the hospital Joyce and Justin meets at a hair salon as they were both feeling the urge to get a haircut. When they meet they feel a force drawing them together and they feel like they've known each other all their lives despite never having met. They leave and go their separate ways.

Then Joyce starts remembering memories that aren't hers, she also starts doing things unlike her eg. eating meat when she's a vegetarian. She also starts speaking languages she never knew how to speak eg. Latin, French and knows about things that she has previously not known about eg. historical buildings and architecture and art. Joyce tries to solve this mystery.

This book is a light and enjoyable read. It's one of those frustrating books though because they keep meeting and missing each other, one of those so close and yet so far kind of situation. However, through the book I sometimes found it a bit slow going, which I've never found with Ahern's previous books. Also whilst the ending is a happy ending, I was unhappy that they didn't put say another chapter to say what they ended up doing together, but I suppose that's what most book endings are like so I can't really complain. Apart from that, like I said, it's a typical Ahern book which is a sweet love story with a bit of magic thrown in. Anyone that has read other Ahern books would love this one as well. 


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