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Monday 9 March 2009

The Last Vampire & Black Blood by Christopher Pike

Review:- The Last Vampire is about Alisa Perne a 5000 year old vampire who is being anonymously chased. Through meeting people and threatening them she soon realizes who is after her, her Creator, Yashka. She has thought that Yashka had died decades ago but she knows that Yashka has made a promise to "God" in that he will have an after life IF he destroys all the vampires that he had created which includes herself.

Black Blood is the second book in the series. Alisa encounters a group of newly made vampires. The leader was perceived to be stronger and faster than her. This is a mystery for Alisa, no newly made vampire could possibly be as strong, fast and as smart as her, as vampires age the faster/stronger/smarter they get. Alisa starts to ponder the mystery of who made them. She must destroy all the vampires and destroy the Leader to ensure that no more vampires are created.

This is a six book series. This particular edition that I read had both book one and two in one book, hence why the combined review.

I've just got to sing this book praises. I didn't expect much from this vampire series, after all, vampire stories mostly have very similar plots but I was happily surprised with this series. I've read many Christopher Pike books in the past and from what I remember his books were simple and straight forward horror books for teens, a good past time but nothing that got you thinking. This book however, I would go as far as saying a "near masterpiece". The writing was brilliant and the information provided were so in depth that it was believable that this "history" that he has created is in fact real.

The Last Vampire is written with alternating chapters. One being the story of the present and the other being Alisa's past history eg. how she became a vampire, her life before becoming a vampire etc etc. That part of the story is what really got me in this book, it was so in depth, very original and once again the brilliant writing. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.



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