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Sunday 22 March 2009

So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld

Synopsis:- Hunter is a "cool hunter" he seeks for all things "cool". He meets Jen who is an Innovator, those that come up with the cool ideas all by themselves, she has invented her own shoe laces which are the coolest shoe laces Hunter has ever seen. Hunter invites Jen to his workplace and Jen contributes to the discussion. Hunter's boss, Mandy ends up inviting Hunter and Jen to a job and upon arrival at the meeting point they find Mandy's phone but Mandy was nowhere to be found. The story is their search for Mandy and the conspiracy that's within consumerism.

Review:- This book is strange. The main plot of the story wasn't something exciting and a lot of it can visibly be viewed as totally made up, but having said that, Westerfeld, being such a great writer has still got you turning the pages. He keeps you interested in the characters and the story despite the plot being a bit "meh". 

So this is a short review, the plot was not good but his writing excels and keeps you somehow interested. 



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