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Sunday 15 March 2009

Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

Review:- Being an Australian student I was introduced to Melina Marchetta's work by doing "Looking for Alibrandi" at school but I actually recall reading it prior to being made to read it. I recently read Jellicoe Road  and fell in love with her work as an adult...but now after reading Saving Francesca I'm going to have to buy all her books as I just love, love, love her!!!

This story is a coming of age story but it seems so much more realistic than most and it really made me laugh so many times and brought me back to my High School years.  This story is based on Francesca Spinnelli who has recently moved to a new school for her Senior year, a school, that right up till that year was only for boys. The boys aren't welcoming, she has none of her previous friends and to top it off her Mum goes through a breakdown and life changes completely and she takes over being the rock in her home. During this time she needs to escape and finds it at an unexpected place...her new school with an unexpected bunch of people. 

This story is amazing! It is short but the writing is beautiful and it's very entertaining that the length did not detract from the overall story. Marchetta was still able to form a coherent story with a good ending without the length of a usual novel. There are so many entertaining parts as well as those heart wrenching ones that you have either felt yourself in high school or have seen others go through. I appreciate the fact that Marchetta is able to bring her readers, despite not being a teen back into the world of teens. Some of these types of teen books tend to be on the corny and immature side that you just want to slap the protagonist and other characters for being so blind to the world around them, but in this book you just accept that they are only 17, these are important themes to them and they act on it according to their age but it's alright, we were all once there too, and that's what I really liked about Marchetta, she allowed me to understand being a teen without actually being in my teens anymore.

I'd love to list all my favorite parts but this review will become too long so I'll stick to one. Frankie asks her Father, "Do I look like Sophia Loren" and he answers absent mindedly "I used to tell your Mother she looked like Sophia Loren" and then it dawns on him "Oh my god, a boy is using that line on you?!"



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