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Sunday 8 March 2009

The Society of S by Susan Hubbard

Review:- This is not your usual vampire story, I'm actually quite sure that Susan Hubbard only added the vampire part of the character just to make it more interesting but it's certainly not the main plot of the book. This is a coming of age story.

The main character, Ariella Montero is a 12 year old who has been brought up and home-schooled by her Father. She knows no one beyond the people that work within her home. Whilst very textbook smart Ariella knows nothing about the world outside the walls of her mansion. Ari soon becomes depressed and lonely and Mrs McGarritt, the housekeeper invites Ari to spend time with her kids, two being Michael and Kathleen.

Ari and Michael become romantically involved and Kathleen becomes her best friend. Soon as she sees more of the world she starts seeing that all she has been taught and all that she has seen within her home is not always what it seems and questions are constantly arising in her mind. When tragedy hits and Kathleen is found murdered, Ari decides that there's no time like the present to seek the answers to her questions, questions that only her Mother can answer.

This story is about Ariella Montero's personal journey. From being an isolated, home-schooled child to growing up into a teen when she meets kids her own age to finally being forced into an adult situation as she travels on her own to look for her Mother. Whilst it consists of your usual coming of age themes, it also has many original elements eg. vampires, the vampires living amongst humans, vampires not needing to kill for blood as supplements have been created for this purpose. 

This book is very well written and I was so very surprised that it's considered a YA fiction. I am looking forward to reading the Year of Disappearances which is the sequel to this book. It has many themes including environmental awareness and it really gets you thinking about the way we live our lives. 



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