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Thursday 5 March 2009

Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

Review:- Sookie Stackhouse is back with three mysteries to solve! Lafayette, Merlotte's African-American cook has been found murdered in local policeman's car, Andy Bellefleur. Last seen speaking about a sex club Sookie must find this exclusive and invite only club, be invited and trusted so that she can bring justice to the killer and free Andy from wrongful conviction.

Sookie has been "loaned" by Eric to a Dallas vampire, Stan. Stan's brother, Farrell has been missing and he wants Sookie to find him. Farrell is found in custody of an anti-vampire organization and Sookie is way over her head as she finds herself just as trapped as Farrell, can she free herself and Farrell by sunrise, when he's scheduled to be burned?

And if that doesn't seem enough to you, Sookie has a near death encounter with a maenad, another supernatural being who is known to worship the Greek God of wine. It seems that Sookie Stackhouse's life will never be the same again. 

This review is difficult for me to write as I cannot seem to decide how much I enjoy this series. I've read the plot summary for the entire series and like what I see and excited to read till the end but as I read each book it doesn't feel like it's fully satisfying. Each book has it's pros and cons.

Dead Until Dark was better in terms of mystery where you may not realize immediately who the killer is whereas in Living Dead in Dallas there is no mystery to solve, everything is shown to the reader in due time without clues ahead of time. However, Living Dead in Dallas immediately went into action and suspenseful scenes, so I will only say that I will persevere with the rest of the series and I believe that it will only get better. So till then...


Anonymous said...

Great review! I just finished this one.

Unknown said...

Thanks J.Kaye! With all the people that you have in your challenges I just wanted to say thanks for taking time to read my reviews and posting a comment of encouragement...thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed this series so far.

Unknown said...

Blacklin which book are you up to? I've just finished Living Dead in Dallas and will be reading Club Dead shortly.


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