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Monday 9 March 2009

Review ~ Frostbite by Richelle Mead

Review:- Rose is constantly dipping into Lissa's mind when Lissa and Christian are sharing intimate moments further magnifying Rose's loneliness of not being able to spend time with Lissa and the love that she cannot have, Dimitri. Rose turns to Mason but soon realizes that Mason wants more and in response to Dimitri's rejection she tries to rebound onto Mason. If that's not enough Janine Hathaway, Rose's Mother, a well renowned Guardian and one that was never present in Rose's life shows up and things get more complicated.

The Badicas, a Moroi Royal family has been massacred by an unusually large group of Strigoi. Evidence further points that the Strigoi has recruited humans. This changes everything for the Morois as there is no time in the day that they are going to be safe from attacks, humans have no limitations to sun light and Moroi magic does not affect them. 

In response to the attack St Vladimir Academy students and any Moroi family who wants to take refuge are taken to an exclusive ski resort owned by one of the Royals. Christian's Aunty, Tasha arrives and Rose finds herself in a competition for Dimitri's affection and attention. A Royal, Adrian Ivashkov befriends Rose but everyone tells her that Adrian is a bad influence but Adrian seems to be using Rose to get to Lissa and soon Lissa succumbs but fails to tell Rose what's going on.

When a second attack happens and Mia's Mother is killed in the massacre, Mason, Eddie and Mia are determined to take revenge. When Rose realizes the trio is missing, her and Christian follow in hope that they can find them before they encounter any Strigoi. 

This book was filled with lots of action. As I read more of the series I enjoy it more. In this book it wasn't really Lissa that was the main focus but Rose whereas in the Vampire Academy I felt that much of the focus was on Lissa and Rose was just the sidekick, in Frostbite this changes. I really enjoyed the ending in Frostbite, despite something tragic happening to one of them (obviously this isn't an ending I wanted) but the rest of the ending was sweet and I can only hope that in the next book that this path continues.



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