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Thursday 28 March 2013

Interview w/ Luli Bunny ~ Momiji The Bookclub Collection

I've got a special post today and it is somewhat "book" related. As all will know I love books, but many may not know that I also love these Momiji dolls, seriously how cute are they? So my two loves were combined when Luli Bunny created the Bookclub Collection for Momiji. There are six characters and each represents a genre that they like. Designer of the Momiji Bookclub Collection, Luli Bunny, is here with us today to give us an insight into this collection. 

About Luli Bunny 

Luli Bunny is an illustrator and character designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a happy, colourful, quirky style that is naturally both adult and child friendly, and suitable for a range of applications, from editorial to patterns, greetings cards, picture books, stationery and toys.Clients she has worked with include Momiji, Phillips Avent, Ivy Press, Tesco, Editorial Puerto de Palos, Momishtoys, Monoblock and La Lectoría. She enjoys drawing bunnies, bears and cute furry colorful creatures and love kawaii and rodents.

Q & A with Luli Bunny 

How did the collaboration between yourself and Momiji  come about?

I was contacted by  Momiji  in 2010 with a proposal to design the book club series. I loved the brief and was very happy to start working on the dolls and developing their personalities and looks.   

How long was the process from ideas to production of dolls?

Approximately 1 year

What made you design a "bookclub" collection? 

In the brief it said that they were girls who wore glasses and who loved to read. I am a reader myself so at first I thought about what type of books I like to read but as part of the natural design process the character always ends up telling you what he/she likes, so for example Eve likes romantic stories and I don't read that kind of books :)

You created 6 dolls in your bookclub collection, what was your inspiration for each of them?

The 6 have a little something about me, or the type of book they read or the way they look (hair/eye color) or the way they dress.

Each doll has different outfits, can you please explain what made you think of those outfits? Does it corresponds with the type of book they are holding?

It does :) I heavily researched fashion and the type of books each character reads. I believe that for example Eve would always wear dresses and light color clothes and Clarice would prefer dark clothes and shirts.

Are you a reader? If so, what is your fave genre? 

I am. I like to read Comics, Pulp magazines, Westerns and Detective stories, especially by late Mikey Spillane

Welcome the Characters 

Momiji Book Club meet Enid

Enid ~ I like books about meditation

Momiji Book Club meet Phoebe

Phoebe ~ I like Sci-Fi stories about aliens

Momiji Book Club meet Clarice

Clarice ~ I like pulp fiction, detective stories and guessing the mystery before the end

Momiji Book Club meet Alex

Alex ~ I like reading about magic and predicting the future

Momiji Book Club meet Danielle

Danielle ~ I like cookbooks and dreaming of becoming a pastry chef

Momiji Book Club meet Eve

Eve ~ I like romantic stories, especially involving red heads 

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