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Monday 11 March 2013

Guest Post & Giveaway ~ Rising Calm by Haley Fisher

Welcome to my tour stop of the Rising Calm by Haley Fisher, hosted by Virtual Book Tour Cafe.  Today I've got Author, Haley Fisher here with a Guest Post; "10 Things You Didn't Know About Haley Fisher" and my Review of Rising Calm. Please read till the end for your chance to win one of five copies of Rising Calm. Please follow the remaining stops, tour schedule can be viewed here

About The Author

Haley Fisher

I'm Haley Fisher, a college student in Kansas, and I've just signed a contract with a company called Silver Tongue Press to publish my first book!

For as long as I can remember I've been an avid reader and an aspiring writer, but the step toward actually getting a book published is an enormous one for me. This is a big deal. And, as I've been told, the next step to being successful is getting the word out that my book exists.

So, though it's not in print yet—it's coming out February 14th—I'd love for people to keep an eye out for Rising Calm. It'll be the first in a series of books about a young girl who finds out her life and her fate are far bigger than she ever realized. At the risk of giving too much away, the most I can tell you for now is that there is magic, prophecy, new worlds, and a cast of characters who I love to write.

I'll keep this updated as Rising Calm gets farther and farther along on the path to being published. Until then, I don't have much else to say but thanks for reading!

Guest Post 

10 Things You Didn't Know About HALEY FISHER

Oh my. Where to begin the list… Well, seeing as most of you don’t know a thing about me apart from the fact that I wrote Rising Calm (and that might be news to some of you), there are probably plenty of things you don’t know about Haley Fisher. So let’s get to it! 

10. I have more books in my bedroom than any sane twenty-year-old should have. There are hundreds, because I like owning the books that I love. And I love a lot of books! I have six shelves bursting at the seams, and two stacks of books on my floor that I don’t have room for anywhere else. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

9. I watch too much TV. Everyone says that nowadays, but it’s seriously true in my case. And Netflix doesn’t help anything. I think it’s nearly impossible for someone who likes books not to like television and film as well, because they are all mediums of storytelling. But my list of favorite TV shows would take up the entire blog post. 

8. Almost all my favorite movies have less-than-happy endings. I didn’t plan it that way, but there’s something about bittersweet endings that get me every single time. Moulin Rouge, Shakespeare in Love, Good Will Hunting… Many of my favorites end perfectly happily, but movies like those… Indescribable. 

7. Music! I cannot live without music. And no, I can’t play an instrument or sing anywhere except in the privacy of my own car, but my iPod is jammed full of all my favorites, potential favorites, and then some. I love finding new bands and CDs and songs and listening over and over again to everything I already love. 

6. I’m an animal lover. Completely. I worked in a veterinary clinic a while back with the pets that were boarding, and it was wonderful taking care of them and getting paid to do so. 

5. I love my family. That may seem like an odd thing to say in a blog, but it’s true. My parents, my siblings, and the entirety of my extended family are all very dear to me. We spend holidays together and hang out even away from family gatherings, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

4. I’m a night owl. Early mornings? No thank you. But I can happily stay up until two or three if I feel like it, and in the middle of the night is when I feel most inspired. 

3. I absolutely love sharing my love of books with people. Sometimes I feel kind of protective of books I adore, like they’re mine and mine alone to enjoy, but in the end I always have to give them to someone to read too. That way I can talk and talk about the lovely new characters and worlds I’ve discovered. 

2. I have a slight obsession with quotes. I love them. The way some people think to express their thoughts and feelings and views is beautiful, and I can never seem to get enough of them. I seek them out constantly. 

1. I’m scared to death of all this. Writing is personal, even when it’s not about you or your life when you take it at face value. There is a piece of the writer that goes into every word on the page, and knowing that is going to be out in the world for anyone to read and either love or criticize is truly worrying, although exhilarating in a way, to think about.

About The Book

Rising Calm 

by Haley Fisher

Series - Rising Calm #1
Published - February 14, 2013
Publisher - Silver Tongue Press
Genre - YA Fantasy

Book Description

On Cara Weaver’s first day at her new high school—merely the next in a long line of new schools—she meets two senior boys: James Sable and Crispin Calaway. They’re new too; they’ve been at the school just longer than she has, and they’ve never made an effort to reach out to anyone. Until she comes. When her friends find out, they’re awed. But Cara can't shake the feeling that there’s more to James and Crispin than the two are telling. 

As the days go on, everything at her new home seems to be going better than it has in any of the previous cities she’s lived in. She loves her friends, gets a job at a bookstore, and even starts to spend more time with Crispin and James. She’s happy. But all that begins to change when she comes to realize that the two boys she’s becoming close to are hiding something. It’s then that she knows her unexplainable wariness of them has been justified all along. But she keeps it a secret. 

Days later, when a stranger accosts her outside a small shopping center, Crispin and James arrive just in time to help her. But they seem know the attacker. And instead of running him off, Crispin and James take Cara away, for her own protection. 

With little explanation, Cara is told that she’s important and that she can’t go home until the boys have sorted some things out. In the meantime, Cara’s world is being turned upside down as she finds out that there is more to her life than she possibly imagined.

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