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Friday 4 January 2013

Feature & Follow Friday

Feature & Follow Friday is a weekly feature/meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read

The rules:-
  • You must follow both hosts Rachel @ Parajunkee and Alison @ Alison Can Read.
  • You must follow both featured bloggers of the week (linked below).
  • Do your own Feature & Follow Friday post answering the question/topic of the week and link to it at the provided linky on the hosts' website.
  • Visit other bloggers and comment! 

This week's Featured Bloggers

Q: What New Years Blogging or Writing resolution have you placed on yourself?

I recently decided to make The Paperback Princess solely a book blog, predominantly for YA books but I do also review other books out of this genre. My Blogging Resolution this year is to take a more professional approach towards this blog.

Steps taken towards my resolution:-
  • Re-designing my blog
  • Subscribing for my own domain name (still in the process of choosing)
  • Contacted several amazing Authors who were happy to participate in blog interviews...stay tuned for those as they'll be coming with fantastic giveaways!!!
  • Purchased blog planner so I can ensure my posting are regular
If you follow and comment on my blog, I will definitely take the time to return the gesture. Thanks for taking the time to read my blogging resolution for the year and Good Luck to all your resolutions.


Nena said...

Great list! My blog is new and is now on Beta mode, I always thought the design should be the easiest part... wrong!

New Follower
Nena at Manchester Funk

Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. Sorry you're having trouble with the linky. It's working fine for me. Sometimes this happens and it's happened with several people tonight. Reload a few times or give it a few minutes. That usually fixes it. Cross fingers!
My Hop

Rachel Rowlands said...

Hi from a new follower! Wonderful resolution! :) I want to be more like that with my blog, too. I re-designed today, though, so hopefully that will help!

Here's mine:

Unknown said...

@ Nena - I can't seem to comment :(

@ Rachel - I emailed you Rachel cos I was having problems commenting.

However, I'm following you both :D

Unknown said...

Terrific resolutions Angelica! Thanks for stopping by My FF today and I answering your questions in a reply back. I'm following you back via GFC.
Traci @ Mad Hatter Reads

Alexis said...

You have a great list of resolutions! I haven't ever blogged before until recently, so I'm still getting the ropes of things. I have followed you and hope to keep in contact regularly!

Unknown said...

New follower! Follow me back over at my blog, :)

Books Books and More Books said...

New Follower

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Heather ~ My FF

Ivana said...

Hi Angelica,

thank you for stopping by my blog. I completely changed my blog layout and design a couple of months ago and started planning posts and blog tours more carefully. But there's always more to be done :)

I'm an old GFC follower. Best wishes for the new year :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck with your goals.

Reading Mind / The Loyal Book said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am an old follower.

Love your resolution! I was thinking about a blog planner, too. Might give it a try!

Valen Steel said...

Great resolutions! lol. Post a little hard to read tho.

New Follwer via FF-


Unknown said...

What fantastic goals. I, too, want to take a more professional approach, but I'm hoping that will come with experience and practice (and networking of course!)

Thanks for stopping by. Following in return via Twitter


Unknown said...

Thanks everyone for visiting, I also appreciate the blogs that I've already followed and commented on for noting that in their comments above, makes it much easier for me :D

@ Valen - Sorry, I'm in the process of redesigning and the new blog won't be dark at all.

For those that are commenting and following me for the first time, I've also gone and returned the favor.

Unknown said...

Great set of resolutions. I had my blog redesigned about a month ago by a friend, who I must say, did an awesome job. The clicky feather was added by her so I can't tell you how it was done, but I'm glad you like it.

Thanks for stopping by my FF.
Old follower.

Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

yarereviews said...

great resolutions! :D I have the same ones :P in a way.
new follower! :)
#ff :

JoLee @ Wickedly Delicious Book Blog said...

Good luck withn your resolutions. Blog looks beautiful so do not know if done it already anyway I like it. I just combined my YA Book blog with my Adult Book Blog. I do not know if it was just the holidays but it was too hard for a few months. Now I feel better. New Follower. Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great weekend

Cassi Haggard said...

Once you buy a URL you won't regret it. I love having something that looks all official. Thanks for stopping by! Following!

JezzebellJC said...

These are spectacular goals to have. I look forward to seeing it all come to fruition. Thank you so much for stopping by my FF. New Follower :D

Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

Unknown said...

You have really great goals. Good luck with everything! :)

New Follower!

Unknown said...

@ Wickedly Delicious
Love your blog pics, lotsa eye candy LOL

@ Cassie
Yeah I'm looking forward to getting a domain I just can't get the exact one that I want :(

I linked to your Mr Linky at Alison's #FF post cos many people couldn't see the Mr Linky on Alison Can Read or Parajunkee's Feature & Follow Friday post, hope you don't mind.

Alisa Selene said...

Love the idea of more blog interviews! New follower via GFC!

Alisa Selene said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

@ Alisa Selene
Deleted your post cos it was a duplicate.

I just saw your Shadow and Bone review and I love it! Great illustrations, such a unique concept; reviewing books with pics.

Anonymous said...

Goodluck with ur resolutions!!

New GFC follower :)
Follow me back below and also check out my New Years Resolutions answers too :)

"BookShelves Of Dreams"

Unknown said...

Great F&F. New Follower! Check out my Feature & Follow.

A lot of people want new designs. I wish I was still designing regularly. Hope you get a new design!

Jenny @ Book Sojourner said...

Good luck with your list! I probably need to do all of those, lol.

following you back.
Jenny @ Book Sojourner

Jennifer @ Bad Bird Reads said...

I finally got a blog planner. it helps a lot. good luck with your resolutions.

New follower.

Aspen @ Inner Aspen said...

thanks for stopping by my FF!
taking a more professional approach to blogging sounds like a great idea and one that I wish to make steps toward as well. good luck, and happy new year!


InkkReviews said...

great resolutions! and you have me really interested about that etsy blog planner your talking about! thanks for checking out my ff - Katie @ Inkk

Liza said...

I actually like your blog design. Thank you for following me on my blog.

I've thought about buying a domain name too. I just don't know if it's what I really want to do. We'll see.

Lyra said...

Hi Angelica! I didn't know you were Filipina! Anyway, I already follow you here on blogger (I guess I must have joined a past giveaway of yours or something), and the same goes for twitter. My username's @lygill - feel free to tweet me whenever. I'd love to chat! :)

Unknown said...

Good luck with your resolutions! I've been thinking about changing the design, but just can't find the time right now.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Following you now! :)

Unknown said...

Why doesn't Blogger allow you to "reply" to each and every comment :(

Autum - wish you were too, I've found a few designers that I like but only 2 were still designing, and they're waiting list was too long.

Jennifer - Pls link me to the blog planner you bought.

Miss Knight - Thanks! This is a free design by Rachel @ Parajunkee...the host of Feature & Follow Friday, she's got a site specifically for web designing.

Lyra - Looking forward to chatting xoxo

Rain - Are you going to DIY your blog design? I really wish I was artistic enough but alas I'm quite impatient and wanted it done ASAP so hired someone LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Angelica, followed you back.
To join blog tours email :)

Emily said...

I'm trying to decide if I want a unique domain name or not, so I know how hard it can be to choose! You just want it to be perfect before you settle. And thank you for visiting/ commenting on my F&F Friday post :)

Louise said...

Good luck with your resolutions! I'd want to get a new blog design too, but I don't know what I would want.

Louise - Nerdette Reviews

The Readdicts said...

Those are some realistic and fantastic goals, Angelica! I look forward to all the interesting posts you have planned. I wish you all the very best in all your blogging endeavors!

Thanks for your super sweet comment on my F&FF post! Happy reading! :D

Sarika @ The Readdicts

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. These are good resolutions. I need to do more with author interviews myself.

Moonlit Librarian said...

Thanks for following me, it's been reciprocated. Good luck on all your resolutions!

Reading Past Midnight said...

merthanks for the follow! following back! cute blog btw

Unknown said...

Hey hon, great resolutions! I really hope they work out for you. Thank you for visiting my site. Following you back :)


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