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Saturday 16 August 2008

Spending Ban!

As per yesterday's post I wanted to go back to the shopping centre to try those dresses and even grab them. Well I didn't grab ANY of the ones I wanted, either they didn't look good on or they didn't fit/have size available...disappointing! What's worse is that I eventually walked away with a grey knitted, winter sweater dress and I'm having buyer's remorse. It was only $35 RRP $70, it looks lovely but I'm just thinking it's one of those purchases that I know how it would look good yet never actually wear it, we'll soon see, pics to follow, I promise.

I found these beautiful brown boots, nice heels, perfect size even then it was too big and they no longer had a size 5, I'm normally between 5-6, and it was only $30!!! So missed out on those, another disappointment.

I then found this perfect Oroton bag! It's not the same as the pic above but it's the closest pic I could find just to give you guys some idea. This would fit my laptop PERFECTLY!!! Unfortunately there's these silver notches that the handles goes through so the zip section is measuring around 9" whereas my laptop measures 9.2". I won't relent so quickly, I'm going to take my laptop next time I'm around there and see if I can put it in sideways and then straighten it in once it's inside, oh my, I can just imagine if it does fit, it'll be just the perfect laptop bag! I would want to carry my lappy everywhere LoL! 

Then there was this beautiful Bardot biker jacket (8 in a brown and 10 in a black) $349.95 so it would be slightly cheaper than this luckily for my bank account the brown was a hideous colour and I just bought a black one so certainly didn't need another one. I'm lemming a Bardot corset top as well for $55.

Ok so after all that, yesterday AND today I'm on a spending ban for the rest of the week! Yes no spending on ANY type of clothing. I'm writing it on this blog so I stick to it.

I also bought this Oroton trifold leather wallet for Mr and an Oroton pair of sunnies for moi, I will get pics of the sunnies when I line em all up for pics!



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