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Tuesday 22 September 2009

My Birthday Dinner

This is me on my 27th birthday on September 19th. I celebrated my birthday with one of my besties; Thi, her partner James, my Mr and another friend, Sam. We had a nice dinner at Lansvale Motel's restaurant and went back to Thi's for dessert, birthday cake!

This is my friend Thi who organised dinner and got me the cake! The cake is not only beautiful it was delicious too!

Thanks Thi for organising my birthday dinner, it was lovely! Loved it, thank you!

I just wanted to also thank my Sister & my Mum; who knows me too well who got me the necklace I am wearing, don't know if you can see but it's got a matching bracelet and lots of other KimmiDoll stuff which I love, thanks Mum & CK!!!

Another year older...time is just speeding me by! Where is the pause button??? Anyone?

Richelle Mead Signing

Yes that's moi with RICHELLE MEAD!!! For those that don't know who Richelle Mead is, first, catch up girlfriends; she's the author of The Vampire Academy series. I've reviewed Vampire AcademyFrostbite here on my blog.

I was so very excited to meet her that I traveled via public transport for an hour and a half there and an hour for those that know me, y'all know that's a bit of a mission. It was held at Penrith Plaza Dymocks on September 17th 2009 at 5.30-8.30pm.

I arrived at the venue at 4.45pm and there were already at least 100 people in line. I was bored and lonely and seriously missed my Mum and especially my Sister as these are the types of things that we do together when they were in Sydney. At 5.30pm I call Mr and as he answered there was a LOUD SHRIEKING!!! I guessed Richelle Mead had just arrived!

2 hours and 15 minutes later I was finally in front of her getting mine and my sister's books signed. Richelle was magnificent! She was extremely friendly and took the time to speak to everyone, it certainly made the wait worthwhile. I was in such a good mood that I public transported back home instead of catching a cab LOL. I'm so thrilled as this is definitely an experience I won't forget. and


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