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Sunday 24 August 2008

Being organised...again!

Ok as per my previous post I've been quite unorganised lately and have definitely suffered tremendously. As many know I'm quite thrifty and will walk that extra few metres to save $2...that's just me, hence when I'm getting charged $11 late fee for a few days late I get really frustrated and upset...that's $11 out of my pocket and nothing to show for it.

Now I can understand if I simply didn't have the money, what can you do, but I've had the money and since I've just been piling my mail both in mailbox AND everywhere else I just haven't opened it. Therefore, these late fees are only due to me being LAZY! I'm usually very "a" word with all things, organisation is a specialty of mine but the last few weeks...I don't know is it because I've been sick with the flu? Is it because there are just so many bills I'm overwhelmed and don't want to deal with it? I don't know but one thing I do know is that it must STOP!

I MUST START BEING MORE ORGANISED! It honestly takes less than 5 minutes to pay things via internet banking via BPay so there is really no excuse. Therefore, I make a pact in front of this blog and readers to be more organised. Even to just take one day per week to do 10 minutes of bills will keep me in tip top shape. Due to me being "a" word with organising things I don't need to worry about past things and filing of those past bills as they are all done it's just the new stuff. Whilst the mess didn't seem to be enough motivation to stay organised I know the fact that I'm loosing precious pennies or here in Australia, cents, is what's going to get me back on the organising mode. So wish me luck and will keep you posted on how I'm going.



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