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Friday 8 August 2008


Today is the 08-08-08 and the first day of the Olympics in Beijing. The number 8 is a lucky number for the Chinese, and thus, the choice in date for the Olympics in China. I like such numbers but not for the aspect of luck, I believe we make our own, but more for the fact that it is so easy to remember. Therefore, I'd like to marry either 09-09-09 or 10-10-10, probably more 2010 as that's my partner's birthday October 10th. My dog's birthday is 04-04-04, now do you think any owners, despite how much they love their pets would remember their actual birthday? I think not, yet, I do...why? Cos it's a brilliant date that is easily remembered, so when I can help it, I will just try and make occasions on such dates.

Back to the 08-08-08, 96 Weddings took place today in the Local Registries, most being Asians ofcourse with the belief of a lucky day. 96 seems to be quite a high rate of weddings, and that's just at the registry, not including those that got married in an actual ceremony with a Registrar, I suppose will see shortly how lucky the date really is ;)



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