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Tuesday 12 August 2008

Hog's Breathe Cafe

Last night my first night that I was able to go out, Mr Sazzy Angel & I went to Hog's Breathe Cafe. A new one has recently opened a few suburbs up from us and boy am I glad that I went with his recommendation as I just wanted to grab takeaway ribs from my local Pizza Inn and devour it at home, but he wanted to go and try it out, I was really hesitant cos I didn't feel dressed to impress.

Regardless off we went and I was impressed! They had the usual Texan, outback-style theme that most steak houses possess (aka Lonestar) but it was very inviting and it felt minimal chaos, I find most steak houses is very chaotic. A few things that really stood out to me were:-

- Souvenir stand at the very front of the store
- Bar was sectioned off which I really, really appreciate! It totally changes the atmosphere, to me anyway, sometimes you just want a nice, quiet family dinner and let's face it, most that go to the bar/pub-style restaurants are there to get drunk! So it's nice not to have to view their drunken stupor.
- The whole restaurant was sectioned off beautifully, another part I totally appreciate! Each section would say have about 15 tables mixed of large, 4-seaters and 2 seaters and a cashier in the corner of each section. Now the dividers definitely doesn't cover the noise but it's certainly heaps better, you are able to concentrate more on your meal and your party than the big massive party that's totally loud and rowdy as they would hopefully be in another section, not having to sight them is better than hearing and seeing them. The kitchen is right at the back accessible to all the sections.
- Little details. Eg. their decorations, their beer bottles turned into salt & pepper shakers oh and did I mention their decoration and theming? Yeah I know I was just totally impressed with how they had put it all together.
- They also offer a discount card which could be had for $50 or you can get it stamped each time you go there and after 6 times you get a card. The card entitles you to 25% off each of your main meals. Main meals are priced at about $29.95 which is very good for the quality of the food.

Ok the quality of the food. It was divine. I had the ribs whilst Mr had the steak and the Wait staff had stated that they were well-renowned for their meat as they marinated it for 15 hours. The meat off the ribs just fell off without any trouble and it was so soft and scrumptious and just delicious, I love it! The sauce was a bit strong for me, but nonetheless, their special Hog's tail chips were also delish.

The wait staff were very friendly, I felt maybe too friendly, but it may be because we're not used to such interaction. Australian wait-staff doesn't seem to interact with the customers as much as they do in America for example. Yet they were terrific and very eager to please and make you comfortable. Yes you also get the bib which I wanted to put on till Mr gave me a look of: "Take that off or I'm moving to another table" so I reluctantly took it off :( LoL

Overall I'd have to give Hog's Breathe Cafe a 9/10...there wasn't anything I didn't like but I think to give a restaurant a 10/10 it has to be totally outstanding and stand out from the rest. I feel that Hog's Breathe, despite being better than Lonestar in my books, it wasn't a standout from the rest, decorations and theming were very similar despite Hog's Breathe doing it better it wasn't original.



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