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Wednesday 18 February 2009

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Review:- Rose Hathaway and Princess Lissa Dragomir has finally been caught and returned to St Vladimir Academy, a college for vampires (Moroi) and half-breeds (Dhampirs). However, it soon turns out that their return to the safe threshold of the college is not as safe after all, when someone within the college starts leaving dead animals in Lissa's path, tempting her to heal.

Lissa's magic to heal is a secret, only known to Rose, Lissa and a teacher who was seemingly crazy and was taken away, but before she was taken she had warned Rose to take Lissa far away and ensure that no one finds out about Lissa's ability to heal. Rose followed the instructions and hence why she and Lissa ran away to begin with.

Now back within the Academy it seems someone else knows the secret but why are they forcing Lissa to heal? And why are they going about it like this? Luckily for Lissa, Rose, her best friend and future guardian have a very unique and strong bond where Rose is able to get within Lissa's mind, this is what eventually saves Lissa at the end.

I know that the summary isn't that great but I suppose that's all I can give without ruining the mystery within the book. I do like this book and have already borrowed the second book in the series, "Frostbite" and looking forward to reading it. 

Like Scott Westerfeld's Peeps series I like how Richelle Mead has created a totally different atmosphere, environment and history for her setting. It wasn't the usual vampire story and it is very adequate for Young Adults as it has many themes that teens can empathize and sympathize with. It shows that despite them living within this vampire underworld they were still susceptible to the high-school miseries. I think because of this normality within the book it seems to be more realistic as it's not all fights and vampire stuff. I enjoyed the book and it wasn't at all too childish for my liking. Definitely a must read for those that enjoy the vampire genre.



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