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Saturday 21 February 2009

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Review:- I've read two series by Scott Westerfeld and finally come to the series which introduced me to this writer to begin with. I'm just glad that I've finally got to read it, I read it in less than 24 hours. It was great, once again, I applaud Westerfeld for the creative world that he has created for this series. Like his other series, it's always unique and new, even if the themes aren't. Somehow he is able to write it as if it has been a theme that only he has created. However, Uglies, is definitely an original. 

In Westerfeld's Uglies series everyone are "Uglies" until they turn 16 where they undergo an operation which turns them into "Pretties". Tally Youngblood is turning 16 in a few months, she is lonely as her best friend, Peris, just turned into a Pretty leaving Tally all alone in Uglyville whilst he parties and creates a new life with new friends at New Pretty Town.

When sneaking to New Pretty Town to talk to Peris, a highly dangerous and criminal activity, she meets Shay. Shay being the youngest in her group of friends is also alone and friendless as all her friends have turned 16, however, unlike Tally's friends, Shay's friends haven't all gone to live in New Pretty Town. The two fast become best friends and soon the eve of their shared 16th birthday had arrived.

That night Shay arrives at Tally's dorm encouraging Tally to runaway with her to a town where they don't need to undergo the operation to turn Pretty. Tally is sad as Shay leaves but doesn't go with her. However, as Tally wakes up the next morning ready for her Pretty operation a "Special Circumstances" officer, an FBI-like authority in Westerfeld's world, tells Tally that she is unable to turn Pretty unless she works with them to find Shay, who had apparently ran away to a town filled with rebels. 

This book is is fast paced and contains many adventures. The plot is quite straight forward but its a highly exciting and original plot that keeps you wanting more. Unlike most first books in a series, Uglies was highly exciting and a page turner. Highly recommended! I've now started "Pretties" which is the second book in the series. Hopefully a beautiful box set will come out when the series is complete.



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