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Thursday 26 February 2009

Specials by Scott Westerfeld

Review:- Tally Youngblood has been made into a Cutter, a part of the Special Circumstances. Dr Cable has created these teenagers as weapons of destruction, from their bones, strength and reflexes they were built to control and to fight!

Tally goes to see Zane and due to the problems with the cure pills Zane has some disabilities which Tally cannot see beyond. His slight disability is seen as disgusting in Tally's eyes but yet she still feels love for him and wants him to be a Special like her. By having him "changed" into a Special he will no longer have his slight disabilities and it will be back the way it was between the two of them.

Shay, being the leader of the Cutters' main aim is bring the New Smoke down. Tally and Shay creates a plan where they get both their objectives achieved. They will help Zane with a clever escape where he will lead them to the New Smoke. Through this it will prove to Dr Cable that Zane is a "Specials" material and Shay will get to bring down the New Smoke. Unfortunately things didn't turn out as planned, their actions causing more trouble than worth and at the end neither of their objectives were accomplished.

Out of the three books I've read in the series this is the one that I disliked the most for several reasons. For starters Tally's attitude was just shocking in this one and it took too long into the book before she sees her evil ways. Westerfeld also did things within the book that I couldn't understand his motives for it. The most disappointing thing about this book is that it didn't give me the happily ever after ending that I was hoping for and the most likable character in the whole series, Zane, was killed off! However, if you've read Uglies and Pretties and enjoyed it, you'll still have to read Specials just so that you know how it ends, but it's not a happy ending.



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