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Thursday 26 February 2009

Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

Review:- Tally Youngblood is a Pretty, a member of the most prestigious clique "The Crims" and their leader, Zane is Tally's boyfriend. What more can a girl want? A brain of her own perhaps?

As Tally is celebrating one of the bash (party) at New Pretty Town she gets a visitor from the past. Croy, a member of the New Smoke gives her instructions to retrieve something. Zane and Tally curious and following the clues and instructions come across a hidden pouch which contained a letter and two little pills. The letter was addressed to Tally from Tally, telling herself that she had given consent to trial Maddy's cure from being a Pretty. Special Circumstances were fast on their trail so Tally and Zane takes a pill each.

The couple are convinced that they are both cured but Zane is constantly getting bad headaches. This is un-pretty like and they feared that Special Circumstances would realize. They decide to escape to New Smoke to be free and to get help for Zane's headaches. This is where their adventures begin.

Out of the first 3 books in the series, Pretties is my favorite. Uglies does come a close second. Uglies and Pretties have a similar plot line where Tally goes for an adventure to try and "fix" things and make things right, the main difference between the two books is the leading men. Uglies, Tally had David and Pretties she had Zane. I think that I really liked Pretties because I really enjoyed Tally and Zane being together. They seemed to have had a lot more of a connection than Tally and David. Zane's presence changed Tally that she became a more likable character. I really liked Zane's characters and since he is one of the main characters in this book it was highly enjoyable.



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