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Thursday 5 February 2009

Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris

Synopsis:- The first book of Charlaine Harris' mystery series introduces readers to Harper Connelly, a strange young woman who, after being struck by lightning as a child is able to locate dead people and determine exactly how they died.Accompanied by her step-brother Tolliver (who works as her manager), Harper heads to small-town Arkansas for their next job. Her client is a socialite named Sybil Teague, who wants Harper to find a teenage girl who disappeared on the deay her son was found shot dead in the woods. The girl, Monteen "Teenie" Hopkins, has a reputation for being "wild as a razorback" and scandalous rumors abound about the two, but once Harper locates Teenie's corpse a short distance from the spot where Sybil's son died and reveals she was shot in the back while trying to escape, the real trouble starts. As more town residents begin to turn up dead and with her brother in jail on bogus charges, Harper must find the real killer before she becomes his next victim.

Source:- Barnes & Noble

Review:- I actually prefer Grave Sight to Dead Until Dark. The mystery was more of a page turner. They had more angles to the crime than Dead Until Dark and there were a lot more prospective suspects that it wasn't as easy to guess what the motive was to the murders or who the murderer was. It's definitely a good crime/mystery book. I've read several reviews where people have stated that Tolliver and Harper's relationship is a bit strange, but one must remember that they aren't really brothers and sisters and they only met when they were teenagers hence there's really nothing wrong with them getting together, but I do see the reservations of others. I'm not sure but it seems that Harris is angling for the two to get together in the future, as they seem to have that high school sweetheart love happening where everyone but themselves see the jealousy and attraction and love between them. I'm not quite sure how many books will be released for this series but I'm about to read the second one shortly, Grave Surprise so stay tuned for that review.


Anonymous said...

Did you just try to sign up for the Yahoo Groups for the book challenges?

Anonymous said...

I loved this book! Got your email and will reply back to you tonight!



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