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Friday 22 May 2015

Friday Blogger Hops {Feature & Follow Friday + Book Blogger Hop}

What reason would you have to stop reading a book? (E.g. too long, wrong genre, not what you expected etc.)

(Suggested by Elizabeth from Silver's Reviews)

Previously I would not stop reading a book for anything, even though I can't get into it I still won't stop, but as of late I have learned, and since blogging really, that there are way too many fantastic books around to get caught up on one that becomes a chore to read, so I'd have to say that my main two reasons for stopping the reading of a book would be:-

1. Can't get into it, so probably accurate in saying it's not what I expected.
2. I need to stop temporarily to review another book that's due sooner i.e. a review is due for blog tour or what not. 

These are the only two reasons I can think of that would stop me from reading. 

Alison Can Read Feature & Follow

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The Rules:-
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This week's Featured Bloggers

Q. How do you write your review? 

I would like to say that I have a systematic approach to my reviewing, but I'm still an amateur in reviewing books, so I generally just wing it. I do write down favourite quotes and notes regarding the characters and so forth so I don't forget, but one thing I do when I can help it, is to pretty much write the review as soon as I can, so the feelings whilst reading the book is still fresh in my mind and heart. 

I am looking forward to seeing how everyone else does their reviews, as I don't mind getting tips on how to do things better from fellow bloggers who have successful blogs. 

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Next Week @ Feature & Follow Friday

How many books do you have in your TBR pile? 


Joana said...

I try to write my reviews asap too, but I wait a few weeks before actually posting just in case I end up changing my mind about some stuff.

New bloglovin' follower :)

Joana @ The Boundless Book List

Claire Stevens said...

I write my reviews as soon as possible as well, otherwise i'd just forget all the points I wanted to make :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Claire @ Book Blog Bird

Verushka, an editor said...

One of the reasons I like this question so much is learning how other bloggers do their reviews too! New boglovin' follower!

Katherine P said...

Book blogging has made me give up on a book easier than I could pre-blogging days. There are so many great books out there that there's really no point in continuing a book I'm not enjoying.

kat said...

Yes! Favorite quotes in a review are awesome. I tried to include those and started failing miserably when I'd just speed through reading and never write down notes.

Thanks for visiting my FF, new follower.

Kat @ Readiculous Blog

AlisonCanRead said...

Hopping through. Yup, I wing it too. I'd like to do favorite quotes but often I'm too much in a hurry to find them.


bookscoffeeandlife said...

Thank you for your comment and the following! :)

I hardly write reviews right away. I need some time to let it settle (and then I usually forget to write it and then I have forgotten what happened... :D )

Stina @ Once Untold said...

I'm such a perfectionist that it takes me a while to think of what to write and then I just hope that I can get it down the way I had it in my head.

New follower.

My FF:

Lillian said...

I'm still an amateur too and usually my reviews reflect that ;) If it's an ARC review, I try to make it sound as professional as possible, if not there's usually lots of gifs and verbal

Old Follower

Brooke Bumgardner said...

Great answer for the Book Blogger Hop. I agree, there are too many fantastic books out there to force myself to read something I'm not loving.

Your blog design is beautiful!!

My answers:

Silver's Reviews said...

Two valid reasons for not continuing with a book. I agree about too many good books out there to read one that is just not what you thought it would be.

Thanks for your thoughts.

I write my reviews as I go along so everything is written down, and all I have to do is edit and fix it up.

ENJOY your weekend.

Happy Hopping!!

Silver's Reviews
My Blog Hop Answer

Jess said...

I love adding my favorite quotes in my reviews too. Thank you for stopping by. :)
Old follower

Nyze said...

If I can't find connection with a book, I would probably stop reading it.



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