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Saturday 10 September 2011

You Give = We Give

Hosted by:-
Jess (Tasmania) from She Known As Jess
Brodie (Victoria) from Eleusinian Mysteries 
Rachel (NSW) from The Rest Is Still Unwritten

We know how great it is to receive books for Christmas, but even greater is the feeling you get when you give the gift of reading to another. In the lead up to Christmas, Jess from She Known As Jess, Rachel from The-Rest-Is-Still-Unwritten and Brodie from Eleusinian Mysteries are hosting You Give, We Give. What does that mean? It's simple. You donate books this Christmas to help those in need and in return, you'll be entered to win some seriously amazing prizes!

What is You Give, We Give?

We are calling for fellow readers to make a donation of either books or money to buy books. Donated books will placed under the Kmart Wishing Tree in December, which is an annual appeal held here in Australia and New Zealand to help families in need. People place gifts under the trees, which are located in every Kmart department store, and those gifts are then given to families struggling financially. Parents who may not be in a position to buy their children a gift for Christmas. We don't want any child to feel left out this year, so the genius behind this venture, Jess, came up with the idea to use our love of books to spread some joy to others.

You Give = We Give will run from September 10th until the middle of December. The ability to donate money through the donate button will however end earlier (November 30th) due to the fact that it will take up to 10-15 days for any purchased novels to arrive from the Book Depository. During this time you can either:

- Make a monetary donation which will be used to purchase books from The Book Depository. Big or small, every dollar counts!
- Buy a book yourself from an online bookstore and have it sent to us.
- Personally send us any extra books you have cluttering your bookshelf.

Are we updating our progress?
Each fortnight, all three of us will be posting an update on the books we receive to place under the tree. Our thoughts and Picture Evidence.

Which Kmart Trees?

Jess will be placing books under the Kmart tree in Tasmania, Rachel in NSW and Brodie in Victoria.So the above hosts have decided to share our love for books by donating to the KMart Wishing Tree


Wish to donate money for novels?
Please click here which will take you through to our PayPal donation page. Donations can be made via your PayPal account, credit card or debit card.

Wish to donate a novel from an online bookstore or an extra copy you have lying around? 
Please email us at: and we will give you either Jess, Brodie or Rachel's address to send the book to. Books must be finished copies and not have any damage, for obvious reasons since these will be Christmas presents. We each live in Australia, so please take this into account if you wish to personally send us any book. If you want to purchase one instead, The Book Depository offers free worldwide shipping and they're cheap!

What books to donate?
We're aiming this at young children/teens. So anything from picture books to YA novels would be welcomed with open arms.

When you donate Books:
Please tell us what you plan to donate; the title, the number and how you are sending it.

When you donate through PayPal:
There will be a question in the Google forms regarding this. Please click on one of the hosts' links above for the Google Form.


Now, we know that act of giving is an incredible feeling of its own. But we want to reward your generosity and what better way with... yes, you guessed it, more books! Please try not to drool over your computers when you see the prizes below – you’ll be tempted, we assure you. For every donation you make, you will gain entries toward winning some amazing prizes! And even better; even if you have already won a prize pack, you will still have the chance to win again. Every time you donate to this amazing cause, you will increase your chances to WIN.

Each book donated = 5 entries
Each dollar donated = 1 entry

For example, you donate 2 books? That's 10 entries!Donate $14? 14 entries!
Extra Entries:
Share? For every Tweet/Facebook Post – 2 Extra Entries.
Did you make a Post to share/Blog/etc? – 3 Extra Entries for every Post you make.
Did you add the You Give = We Give Button? – 3 Extra Entries.

This post is copy & pasted from She Known Jess' You Give = We Give post


If you donate via Paypal using the link posted above please go to one of the hosts' links also posted above for the Google form to enter for your chance to win. Prize packs are all noted on their blogs too, so for more comprehensive information on this event please visit one of their blogs. 

If you are unable to donate please copy and paste the button on your sidebar or post about this event to spread the word. This will get you entries towards the prize packs too. 



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