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Thursday 15 September 2011

Eve by Anna Carey

Title:- Eve
Author:- Anna Carey
Series:- The Eve Trilogy #1
Publisher:- Harper Collins
Expected Publication Date:- October 1, 2011
ISBN:- 978-0-06-204850-9
Source:- Netgalley
Genre:- Dystopia/Young Adult Fiction

Eve a nearly graduated 18 year old, her whole life ahead of her, planned out! She would cross the bridge to the other building where she will learn a trade for 4 years with her fellow classmates after which they will head to The City of Suns and work for the King with all the luxury a city holds. She would share an apartment with her best friends Ruby and Pip and they would be working on their chosen trades and live happily ever after... 

Unfortunately for Eve the reality of her life soon takes a sudden turn when she finds Arden, a very unlikeable girl at her school escaping! Curious as to why anyone would choose to escape and go into the wild where there were wild dogs, beasts, gangs and worse...MEN! Arden as she gets ready to escape hastily tells Eve that there will not be a trade, that Eve, along with all the other girls graduating will be used as mere incubators to give birth for population growth. 

Years before a virus killed most of the country, including Eve's Mother. She was then sent to the school where she has been since she was 5 years old. Not knowing anything else but what the Teacher taught her, Eve found Arden's story to be unbelievable but in search of knowledge, like she was known for, she finds a way to cross the bridge to view the truth for herself. Eve was shocked when she finds that Arden's story was in fact true... 

Whilst she sneaks back into the school a kind Teacher catches her but instead of turning her in the Teacher helps her escape. Mere days after she leaves the only home she knows she meets with Arden. This is where the treacherous journey for safety and freedom begins for the two girls. 
Eve is a dystopian novel and whilst I do have some problems with the world creation for example I have a problem with understanding why the Government would spend all that money and resources when resources are low as is, to educate that many young girls for x amount of years only to tie them up to a bed to give birth to children! Why would they bother educating them and why wait till they graduate? Hopefully we'll get better understanding once the series is complete. 

Eve was a fast paced, entertaining, edge-of-your-seat, thrilling, action-packed sometimes horrific read! Eve and Arden are both strong and likeable characters despite them being very different. I enjoyed the way they worked together and I honestly felt they would not have gotten as far as they did without each others strengths. Eve was knowledgeable, smart, understanding, sensitive and kind but she was also naive. Arden on the other hand was strong, hands on, worldly but selfish. They evened each other out and it was enjoyable to see them start off disliking each other so much and then eventually becoming best of friends and working together to get to their common goal. 

Without writing spoilers Eve's actions were sometimes incredibly stupid that you want to reach through the book and knock her out! Her actions caused drastic repercussions for those around her and I was not only angry with her actions but it saddened me the outcome of those actions. Then it bothered me that mere days after that, she was describing herself as "happy" only because she got the guy! 

Speaking of the guy...Caleb. I liked Caleb, I thought he was kind, funny and real! I did enjoy the growth of their romance, it was innocent and sweet. 

I will definitely be reaching out for the rest of the Trilogy. If you take this story as is, fiction and not think too much about the world creation and background information you will find this book an enjoyable read. It was never boring as you never knew what they would come across next and the fact that they were never 100% safe just kept you on high alert. This keeps you turning the pages. 

The end was extremely sad and certainly not anticipated, it was also slightly frustrating because after all that they had gone through, the ending was far from a happy one. Looking forward to Eve book 2.                               


Portugal said...

Eve was a breathtaking novel, the main character Eve and her struggles in her world, as well as the unraveling of her reality into this new realization of how the world works outside of her walls, as well as what was happening in it, was amazing to read.


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