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Saturday 4 April 2009

Taxi Instruction Napkins

I found this on a bridal blog that I frequent and thought what an excellent idea! Whilst owning a pub/bar/club is not something that I have ever considered, I thought what an awesome idea for those that do own one. Picture this, a customer is way too intoxicated, his keys are in the pot of "too drunk to drive" pile and the bar tender can't wait to get rid of him/her. They call a taxi, fill in the said napkin and hands it to the drunk or even put it into their pockets. Then it will eventually become a well-renowned phenomenon that the taxi driver simply takes it out of the customer's pockets or simply asks "Napkin please?" It even has a tick box to say where the money can be found so the taxi driver has all info he needs without having to really communicate with the drunk passenger. This is like a hall/bus/travel pass for the drunks, I love the concept!



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