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Friday 3 April 2009

Overnight @ Sydney

Source:- Travel Now

Last weekend Mr & I went and spent the night in the city (Sydney). Friends of ours got "Complimentary" rooms at the Star City Casino (pic above) and so we thought we'd go too. Our night started so stressful that we just wanted to turn the car around and go home. Why? Well we got to the city in no time, no problems there, but when looking for our hotel, Novotel Rockford and with the city streets all being one way and very confusing for those that do not drive there, well we got lost. We were right at the entrance of our hotel but we see a sign "Novotel" and to go straight so off we went and we were directed to the Darling Harbour Novotel...where's my Novotel, ours was in the heart of Darling Harbour but the one further from Darling Harbour was called "Darling Harbour Novotel" and the one that's in the heart of Darling Harbour they call the "Rockford Novotel"! So despite it being a few blocks down the road we just got lost and went round, round and round some more till finally we found it and was quite happy with the location. Those that have been to Sydney will see from the Rockford Novotel pic below that it's literally in the Darling Harbour complex. 

Source:- Twohigs

So this is where the night gets better...well sort of. Mr & I finally settled into the hotel at 10pm when we got to the city at 9.15pm, we call our friends who are sitting down for dinner and told them to also order for us. He then tell us to go to Sussex Street...we get directed all the way around when at the end he realises it was only in Chinatown and rather than a 2-3 minute walk we walked for over 10 minutes because he didn't just tell us it was at Chinatown!!!

So we're hungry and grumpy, we eat lobster and duck and all the good things Chinese and then we finally start having a good time. We walk to the Star City Casino where said friends are staying and we see their room, not bad but not the $600 price tag it's worth either. Our location was actually better and ours was a mere $200!

Mr is so excited to play at the tables and not even 15 minutes later I get a call...he wants to go to bed LoL. So we traveled to the city, stayed at a hotel to; have dinner at a Chinese Restaurant, a 15 minute stint at the casino, half an hour shopping at Chinatown and the best part of the trip...the breakfast!!!


ghettoflower said...

Oh how I miss the city...


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