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Thursday 16 April 2009

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

Review:- I borrowed this awhile back from the library and I thought that I would thoroughly enjoy it. Sad to say that I did judge the book by it's cover. Yes towards the end it certainly became very interesting but the first 40 chapters, book ended with chapter 47 was a bit tedious.

This story is about Chloe Saunders. A child who used to see ghosts in her basement. Now turning 15, she has not seen any ghosts since hence, she has put her fear/sightings in the past as a childhood fear, the running of a child's imagination. However, on her 15th birthday, whilst at school she sees another! Due to this sighting she is sent to Lyle House, a group home for kids/teens with mental problems eg. Schizophrenia which is what Chloe is eventually diagnosed with.

At Lyle House Chloe and the other kids soon realize that this group home is not what it seems and that the teens in this home did not end up in there by accident. The story consists mainly of the experiences of Chloe and the other kids in the Lyle House and whilst it does build up on the story, that something is wrong with Lyle House and there's a mystery behind them being there it just moved quite slowly. However, having said that I will still be reading the sequel which is The Awakening.

This is definitely a terrific plot but it just dragged on a bit. Had the story moved a bit quicker this would have been a terrific read but that's just my opinion, many have loved this book.


ghettoflower said...

I hate books that drag on too haha!!! Hey have u check out my live feedjit on my blog? It's cool it tells u where all ur readers are from, I like it cuz it shows the countries, so far I am starting to get readers from all over hehe you should get one too!!!


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