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Friday 25 July 2008

New Facebook

If you are amongst the many that have come down with the "Facebook Fever" as I have nicknamed the phase, then you would be glad to know that Facebook Developers have done some tweaking, rearranging and a bit of rejiggling to come up with the new Facebook user interface.

The New Facebook is quite pleasing to the eye, it has included tabs for; home, profile, friends, inbox and application pages and within those menus tabs are also used, which makes for easy navigation. These 'main' menus are easily accessible regardless of which page you are in, within your Facebook account, located as unobtrusively as possible at the top section of the page.

The right of the page now consists of a side bar which includes miniature menus, where you are able to view Status updates, friends search, bookmarks, requests and notifications and a few more. These menus only show a few of each topic/subject eg. it shows only x amount of the applications you have attained under the heading "Bookmarks" this is terrific for those of us that do not want to view the hundreds of apps that particular friend has downloaded, however, if you do want to know what applications they have, you can expand and an offer to "see all" is available in all headings.

The rest of the page (larger portion) consists of the News feed. You are now able to edit settings for the News feed and choose which information you want to be notified off and which you simply do not care to know about. You are also able to add information to your own and I'm quite sure to others' news feed as well, it's called "Publisher" and includes "upload photo", "share a link" and "write a note".

When accessing Publisher it goes into another page where your wall is viewed beneath it, there is now a wall filter, where you can view your wall and edit/erase items you don't want on there. You also have the options to view the Wall with posts by you, made by others and all posts.

The profile page consists of tabs as well; Wall, Info, Photos and allows you to add tabs for the applications of your choice. There are some applications, such as my "friends collage" that was already included in the tab, labeled "Boxes".

My favourite and I believe the main changes applied to the New Facebook is the new customisability options that they have made available, allowing us, the owners of each account to be able to edit our pages, to show and disclose the information we want disclosed and to hide those that aren't as important to us, ie. in my case useless apps.

That's the few things that I've observed in less than 5 minutes of browsing through it. The new interface looks a lot cleaner, neater and tidier and I am personally loving it! Check it out!

At the moment the New Facebook is addressed as yes I know very original, but I don't know when they will make the permanent change, or if they will keep this "new" at the start of the URL, but it is a definite improvement and since its still in its beta stages we can expect a few more tweaking before it becomes the default setting, so stay tuned and watch out for any more changes they may make to the already improved Facebook!



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