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Sunday 27 July 2008

I Luv Google

Since commencing this blog my love for Google has grown immensely. The users of Google feel the superiority of gaining an account through an invite, thus not EVERYONE can get a Google account, right? Ok so it's not THAT exclusive, but us Google users like to think so LoL!

All jokes aside, I initially opened my Google account to use GMail. This is my first "Google" experience, aside from the well renowned Google Search and I'm impressed with the introduction. GMail is so intuitive, fast, clean interface, tagging (what an invention right) and lets not mention the search function...after all it is Google.

However, that's just the start, there were several features that I liked from Yahoo Mail that I didn't get from GMail, but what prevented the move was Google's collaboration. They have created Google Docs, Calendar, desktop, Maps, Reader, GTalk, iGoogle, Picasa not to mention this wonderful blogging software we have; Blogger and much more accessible from any of your Google apps. Now with everything in one place why would you go anywhere else? They have become the Apple in the Web front...and we all love Apple don't we? Well I do anyway.

I haven't used all the Google apps long enough to know nor to be able to make an efficient-enough review on the matter, but for those like myself, that enjoy everything coordinating together Google is your answer. Many tech-minded people have also jumped on the Google bandwagon, once recommending local applications installed in your computer, are now recommending Google apps instead...that surely must state something.

A newly announced Google Sites has been added to the listing, allowing people to have their own website, all these apps available through Google are also all FREE! Everyone loves wonderful freebies!



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