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Friday 25 July 2008

Email Address Overload

Ok I seriously had a major Email address overload...well so I thought. I had:-

1. Hotmail - first and primary email address for a very long time with my complete name as my address + MSN instant messaging.
2. Yahoo - Yahoo Instant Messaging + Website/forum/etc registrations + shopping catalogues etc.
3. GMail - Was to take over my Hotmail as my primary address, this was to be shared with my non-techy boyfriend.
4. Internet Service Provider - don't really use this address.
5. Wireless Internet Service Provider - don't even know what the address is...don't use this.
6. .Mac - for when I tried the .Mac for a month, haven't kept the service so unsure if that's still my address.
7. Hiptop - came with my Hiptop.
8. YMail - New and will now be my new primary address for professional and personal use. That's all that I can currently remember.

Now that's EIGHT!!! I don't really receive that many emails to begin with, especially since unsubscribing from a whole heap of sites recently, as part of my "clean up". Thinking that I'm seriously messed up with that many email addresses, I searched...Google ofcourse nonetheless...and found that this is actually quite the norm. Imagine my surprise!

I found "Taming Email" with an article entitled: "How many email addresses do you need" by Leo. The article states you need 3 email addresses, preferably 3 different accounts at that.

1. Private - Top security and only VERY trusted people to gain the invite to this address.

2. Public - Give this to places that you want to actually contact you. Eg. Forums you frequent, shopping catalogs you want to receive plus those acquaintances you meet at forums or those that need to contact you but you don't really know them well enough. This is for "semi-trusted" people, not spam senders but not VERY trusted.

3. Throwaway - self explanatory and for those untrusted sites and website registrations you do not want to receive mail from.

So upon reading this article, I decided that I would consolidate to TWO email addresses to use and just keep one for backup.

GMail - Semi-Personal & Spam & Misc + MSN Instant Messaging ID...thanks to Live Passport
YMail - Personal & Professional + Yahoo Instant Messaging ID
Hotmail - I kept this but won't be using it for quite awhile as I was receiving way too many spam, only kept it cos it had my full name so I thought why not...this won't be getting used though...for now.

Therefore, I'm now the proud owner of an unscattered set of the search begins with which is the best webmail and/or email client to use with my new consolidated email addresses...stay tuned for my reports on that.

Anyway, I'm curious to know how many email addresses do you have? What do you use it for? Do you use all of it? New to the blogging scene, so don't know how to do a poll.



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