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Thursday 25 August 2011

Here Lies Bridget by Paige Harbisson

Title:- Here Lies Bridget
Author:- Paige Harbison
Publisher:- Harlequin Teen
Genre:- Young Adult

Bridget Duke is the most popular and meanest girl in school. Adults, teachers and fellow students alike are intimated by Bridget...until Anna Judge arrives. Days after the new girl's arrival, Bridget soon became a leper at school. Her friends no longer worship her, Teachers are no longer standing for her disruption, other students no longer does as she asks and Liam Ward, her first and only love can't even look at her.

Depressed, she makes a choice to end her life. She changes her mind but a second too late, but instead of finding herself going towards the light or her life flashing before her eyes she lands in a board room with the Anna Judge herself judging Bridget Duke for the life that she has lived. Forced to enter the shoes of those lives she has ruined/touched, she must now face the consequences of her actions.

I was swayed to reading this book as I saw it in a lot of the blogs I read, the awesome book cover and ofcourse the enticing synopsis but I was deeply disappointed. I merely gave this book 2/5 in Goodreads. The theory of this story is brilliant but the way it was exercised lacked in depth.

Firstly Bridget Duke was a character, even towards the end was unlikable. Whilst I understand that is the point of the book, I was hoping that our protagonist would get to a likeable stage but I failed to get to that point. Others may have admired her or liked her at the end, but I didn't.

The progress of the story was disappointing, I felt that the author was dwelling on the aspects of before the accident too much, we didn't get to the part where she was to repent for her actions until right at the end, so ofcourse that part felt disappointingly rushed. From the synopsis it felt like that, that part of the story would at least be a main focal point. I really would have enjoyed it more had the Author allowed the redemption part of the book to come a bit sooner, maybe then I would not have disliked Bridget so much, that at the redemption part I felt no sympathy for her.



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