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Thursday 25 August 2011

"The Girl in the Steel Corset" by Kady Cross

Author:- Kady Cross
Series:- The Steampunk Chronicles
Publisher:- Harlequin Teen
ISBN:- 978-192179312-7
Genre:- Young Adult Fiction

Finley Jane, a Lady's maid in 1897 London fights with a darker and dangerous entity within, one that comes out when she feels threatened. Lord Felix, the son of her Employer was unfortunate enough to feel the wrath of this "other side" of Finley when he tries to take advantage of her. Finley finds herself standing beside an unconscious Lord, mere moments after her anger overtook her. Finley's "other side" decides for them both that it's best to run away from the situation, a situation that could have her arrested...or worse!

Griffin King, Duke of Greythorne and his childhood best friend Samuel Morgan are riding around in their velocycle when they literally run over a girl. The danger oozing from the unconscious girl attracts Griffin in a strange, magnetic way and he finds himself wanting to look after the girl, while his friend does all to dissuade him from taking in more "problems".

Griffin and his friends; Samuel, Emily O'Brien and Jasper Reen have been investigating recent criminal activities within London. Activities that are being perpetuated by automatons (robots) and Peelers (Police) believe that it's a character that calls himself "The Machinist".

The group soon realises that the girl Griff brought home is no ordinary maid, they soon see the advantage in her joining their team. Sam on the other hand has a strong dislike for the girl that he fails to trust, he will do anything to ensure that his friends are safe, even if that means getting rid of Finley Jane.

According to the author, Kady Cross, this book is a cross between "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman" and the "XMen", this is the perfect description of this book. Whilst I was highly intrigued by this book due to it's enticing title, beautiful cover and interesting synopsis, I was slightly disappointed. This is my first adventure into the steampunk genre so I don't really have anything to compare it to, but I still gave it 4/5 in Goodreads.

I certainly didn't dislike it, but I had such high expectations for this book that it slightly disappointed when it didn't meet my expectations. I think that's the problem when books are publicised so much, readers end up having unrealistic expectations.

I did like the idea of the world that Cross created, it was very original and I'm sure that in Book 2 this series will be more intense. My favourite aspect of the story are it's characters, they were so likeable and their friendship and team work is what keeps you turning the pages, you just want to see what happens to each of the characters.

The mystery in the book was quite good too, it unfolds in perfect timing. However, once the perpetrator's character makes the appearance in the book, I kind of guessed he was "The Machinist".

This book is what made me decide on the mini-review as I have wrongly judged "first books" in a series before, only to be proven wrong when the consecutive books in the series are released. So I will leave it for now, till book 2...



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