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Friday 13 February 2009

North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell

Synopsis by Meredith Griffin:- When her father has a crisis of faith and leaves his position as a cleric in scenic southern England, Margaret and her tempestuous mother are moved to England's industrial north, where she must somehow find a way to survive. Her progess is hindered by the presence of Mr. Thornton, a factory owner who seeks to become a "gentleman" in order to win Margaret's affections and his mother, a money-grubbing cow who sees Margaret as a penniless hindrace to her son's glorious career. But in the end, Margaret's future becomes a great deal less bleak when an unexpected bank account arrives and she can finally realize her dreams.
Source:- All Readers

Review:- North & South is your typical classic love story. I love stories like this but what I really cannot stand about classic love stories is that you anticipate and wait for them to finally get together and when they do the writer doesn't dedicate more than one page to this ending! I just can't stand that! I feel like there's a huge...well a book full of anticipation and then the ending is just half a page so it's a big let down, but I've noticed most books in that era is very similar in the way they are written in terms of the ending anyway, but North & South was worse than the others that I've read. It dedicated less than a page to the ending. However, please do not get me wrong I love the story and it's worth the read if you love classics, it has a lot of themes to consider throughout the book.


Miri said...

I love this book but I totally agree with you about the ending-...I want to know how they get on together now that they finally are together!

BTW, the mini series is pretty good too.

Unknown said...

Exactly Miri! I felt like there was such a huge build up on them getting together and then it was "they finally get together...the end" kind of ending which is a bit frustrating. I just hope that not all classic love stories are like that, I found Jane Eyre to be similar but at least that dedicated more than half a page to them being together LoL


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