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Wednesday 18 February 2009

The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld

Review:- Did you know there are 25 hours in a day? According to Westerfeld's created "Midnighter's" world at the stroke of midnight the rest of the world freezes and an hour ticks on. Only those born at midnight have the opportunity to live through this extra hour, The Midnighters.

At Bixby, Oklahoma there are four, all have their own powers; Melissa the mind caster, Dess the polymath, Rex the seer and Johnathan the flyer. They've never felt any purpose for their powers nor the extra hour, it was merely used for their personal enjoyment, their secret playground until...Jessica Day arrived.

Jessica has recently moved to Bixby with her family and soon finds out about the whole Midnighter world that she belongs in, but unlike the rest of them her powers are unknown to her nor are they openly visible to the rest. They need to find out what Jessica is or what her powers are and fast as the Darklings (dark and evil creatures, enemies of the Midnighters)have sensed Jessica's arrival and are determined to get rid of her before she does any harm to them.

This is a great Young Adult fiction with a lot of creativeness. It is suitable for an Adult to read and the language and writing style is not at all simplified. The start of this book was a bit slow paced, but understandable as I've noticed that most books that carry sequels tend to be slow going at the start of the first book as the Author provides history, introduction to the characters and the environment. The sequel to this book is quite fast paced from the beginning, hence my theory. I also enjoyed that the characters of the book, despite it being targeted at  teens were still three dimensional not like most teen novels. I'm really quite impressed with all the different worlds that Westerfeld has created in the books that I have read of his.



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