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Wednesday 10 December 2008

Harry Potter Set

Sources:- Amazon UK 

The last few days I've been lemming the Harry Potter Limited Collector's Edition (first two pics) but at the RRP of $517 from Borders...well lets just say could I possibly live with myself if I spent that much on a set of books? It's cloth bounded with gold inscription.

The picture directly above is my complete Harry Potter Set, I've also got the last book in the Children's cover. I've got 1-5 and 7 in Children's cover in a mixture of paperback and hard cover and 6 & 7 in Adult's Hard cover. I'm not happy about it because it's not matching and just doesn't look pleasant. So my choices are:-

a) Keep the set as per picture 1-5 in children's cover and 6 & 7 in Adults
b) Return Adult no 7, Exchange Adult no 6 for Children's no 6 hence my complete set will consist of no adult covers and only children's cover

I will most likely go for (b) completing my Children's set, I will then seek out the Adult hard bound box set as it's equally as beautiful as the Limited Ed set without the price tag. The Adult set without the dust jacket looks stunning side by side on the bookshelf and recently seeing it on Ebay for $145 inclusive of postage ($20/book) I'm happy with the price too. The Adult set without the dust jacket has a beautiful black hard bound cover, with gold lettering on the binding consisting off only the title and the author's name in a signature-like font and no picture at the front cover which is just the way I like it, it looks just like the old school classic books. Looking forward to finding my bargain set, I know it's there somewhere. I'm sounding eerily obsessed so I will leave this lemming and drooling for now...till next time!



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