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Saturday 29 November 2008

Happy Birthday Kimmy!

I just wanted to write a "Happy Birthday" post for my bestie. Her birthday was on the 25th, I didn't forget and greeted her on the day but I thought she was worth a post on my blog :D

All jokes aside, this girl is just a beautiful person. She is one friend that you are lucky to have in your life, to be honest, since having her as a friend I have not met anyone else that comes up to her standards in terms of friendship. We do not see each other much as she lives in the US and even when she came to Australia we only saw each other a few times but nonetheless every time we see each other it's like no time has lapsed between us. She has been there for me through thick and thin and I mean thick and thin! 

She is a comedian (as per picture), a wonderful listener, gives wonderful advise, great fun to party with and also great fun to just be around with. She is truly a special person and I find myself extremely lucky to have a friend like her. I truly hope that we all have a friend like mine. 



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