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Friday 22 August 2008

Colin; the baby whale

For those that are in Australia you will know all about Colin, the baby humpback whale that has plagued our news in the last few days.

The story of Colin begins when he came into view, dawdling at the bottom of nearby ships, seemingly looking for it's Mother that has apparently abandoned the baby whale.

Officials have decided not to feed him, stating that us humans shouldn't interfere with nature. Colin has now been starving for five days and keep trying to feed on these ships, assuming that's his Mother, it's quite a sad scene and one that has touched me.

Officials are debating on what to do and yet it never came to their minds to feed the poor whale, they are thinking of euthanasia thinking that this poor whale if released could encounter sharks and till it's Mother comes back for him, which is doubtful it seems that baby Colin's destiny is not bright to say the least.

Further info can be found in the Sydney Morning Herald Article, we could only hope that these officials make the right choice for this poor baby whale.



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