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Tuesday 15 May 2018

Author Interview with Troy Dukart; The Venerate Saga ~ Tour

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Welcome to my tour stop for The Venerate Order by Troy Dukart. Today Troy has kindly answered a few questions about himself, so we can get some insight on the mind behind this novel. Please don't forget to check out the other stops in this tour, linked at the button above. Read till the end and enter our tour giveaway.

About The Author

Troy Dukart

Troy Dukart is the author of the Venerate Saga (The Venerate Order, The Venerate Redemption, sequels to follow).

Troy grew up outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities. Troy is recognized by Toastmasters International as an Advanced Communicator Bronze and Advanced Leader Bronze.

He's lived in Japan as well as California. He loves to travel.

Make sure to stop by his website and sign-up for the newsletter to stay in the know!

Author Interview

1. You've lived in California, Minnesota and Japan. Which do you prefer and why? 

Awesome question! Out of the three I prefer Minnesota because that’s where my family lives. I’ve come to appreciate the love they’ve given me through my absence away from them. But Japan and California will always be close to my heart. 

2. You mention that some of your inspirations came from anime, video games and pop culture, what is your favorite video game? 

It is a tie between the PS2 game Final Fantasy X and the PS1 game Medieval. Both of them were worlds to me, not just games. 

3. You also mention that the Divergent series by Veronica Roth is one of your inspiration for the Venerate Order, what sets the Divergent series apart (in your eyes) to other dystopian novels? 

It was many things. I think it was Roth’s ability to create a dystopian world and not rely on age-old solid concepts (dragons, vampires, zombies, robots etc.) that I liked so much. 

She also made both her lead female and male strong and vulnerable. Tris relied on Four to make her stronger and Four relied on Tris to allow him to be vulnerable. I loved the yin-yang relationship they had and how she wrote it from both of their perspectives. I had never read a book like that before and it was hard to put down. It was also relatable due to the fact that it dealt with government oppression and surveillance which is happening in our world right now. #FightthePower lol 

4. If you could give some advice to your younger self about being a writer, what would it be? 

Wow, great question. I would say to read more. Doesn’t have to be non-fiction or fiction, but just to read more books! There’s no way a writer can get better without seeing how others greater than themselves write. 

5. What are some qualities (strengths or weakness) do you share with Strafe?  

Strengths – Passion, respect, leadership, open-mindedness Weakness – Lack of patience for laziness, fatherlessness, sucker for animals, scared of bugs 

6. You have a passion for travelling, whats the best place you've been to and why? 

Honestly, the place that took my breath away when I saw it the first time was Osaka Castle in Osaka, Japan. It looked like it was straight out of the 15th century. Although a reconstruction, the grounds are authentic and it is a beautiful sight to see. 

7. Where is your dream location that you have not gone to as yet? Why? 

I’m going to Europe this year but I’m really looking forward to Athens as it was the birthplace of democracy. I’m also looking forward to Ireland as I’m heavily Irish in blood. 

8. Excluding family and pets, if there was a fire whats the one thing you would save and why? 

Probably the laptop because that’s got all my drafts on it! ☺ 

9. Do you try more to be original or deliver to readers what they want? 

I think you have to do both. Readers want new content but they don’t want it at the expense of quality. As an author you need to stand out and the best way to do that is to lead readers to places/worlds/experiences they’ve never been/had before. At the same time, if the writing doesn’t capture the reader emotionally, then you have failed as the writer. 

10. The Venerate Order in 3 words. 

Epic Fantasy Adventure 

Thanks Troy for taking the time in answering these questions! I will leave you now with a Youtube video about The Venerate Order, and of course all the book info. 

About The Book

The Venerate Order

by Troy Dukart

Series: The Venerate Saga #1
Publication Date: February 26, 2018
Publisher: Creativia
Format: Paperback & eBook
Pages: 217

Strafe Rocknus has suffered hard losses in his life, but now things are looking up for the college graduate.

He has a sizzling girlfriend, good friends and a bright career ahead of him. But one day, Strafe awakes in a mysterious cavern, discovers an ancient artifact, and unwittingly ignites a war that spans two worlds: his own, and one he never knew existed.

With the abyss of the unknown before him, Strafe enters the swirling darkness. Desperate, he must navigate a new and hostile world on the brink of catastrophe, and learn the truth of who he is, while facing a darkness with the power to destroy everything Strafe has ever cared about.

Soon, he will discover that his greatest strength comes from those he fights for.


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