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Monday 27 May 2013

Tour ~ The Golden Couple by Stephanie Karpinske {Giveaway}

Welcome to my tour stop for

The Golden Couple

by Stephanie Karpinske

hosted by ATOMR Tours

Please follow the remaining stops: tour schedule can be found here or by clicking on the tour banner

I'm so excited to participate in The Golden Couple's tour as I participated in a book blast for the first book in the series, The Samantha Project, click here for more info on book 1. A Chosen Destiny, book 3, was also released last month, so for those that haven't started the series this is the perfect time…no waiting for the consecutive books! Don't forget to enter the amazing tour-wide giveaway, courtesy of Author, Stephanie Karpinske and ATOMR tours.

The Golden Couple

by Stephanie Karpinske

Series: The Samantha Project #2
Publication Date: February 23, 2013
Publisher: Crazy Dream Publishing LLC
Genre: YA Sci-Fi Thriller/Romance


In this action-packed second installment of The Samantha Project series, Samantha and Erik go on a search to find a way to save themselves from the genetic time bomb ticking away in their cells. Along the way, they discover a shocking secret--one they wish they were never told! 

Although Samantha's boyfriend, Colin, is back now, her feelings for Erik are getting stronger by the minute. It isn't long before she finally learns the real reason why she can't resist Erik. But only after she's gone too far with him! So far that Colin may never forgive her. 

GlobalLife Genetics continues to pursue Samantha and they'll stop at nothing to get her. Sam still doesn't understand what GlobalLife's plan is for her but she knows it's something big. And she knows it isn't good.


A few minutes later, a black limo pulled up. “A limo!” Brittany yelled. “Oh my God! I’ve never been in a limo! I’ve gotta see this!” She ran outside and into the limo.

“Brittany! Wait!” I ran after her, followed by Erik. We poked our heads into the limo and found her already seated at the far end. Erik and I stepped in to grab her. “Brittany, get out,” I yelled at her. “You don’t even know—”

The door slammed shut behind us. “Erik, open the door,” I said, pulling on Brittany. “The wind must’ve slammed it shut.”

Erik went to open the door but it was locked. He pressed the unlock button but it didn’t work. I tried the door closest to me. It was locked, too. We both tried the remaining doors. All locked. Then just outside the limo we saw a man in a dark coat and hat who appeared to be the driver.

I banged on the side window to get his attention. “Hey, we need to get out! There’s two other people back there!” I pointed to the airport building.

The driver saw us but didn’t react. We watched as he walked to the front of the limo and got inside. Erik pounded on the piece of dark glass that divided us from the driver. “Wait! We need to wait for two more people!”

The driver ignored him and started driving away from the airport with the three of us trapped in the back.

“Erik, make him stop!” I screamed. “This is the wrong car! They didn’t even ask for the code word.” 

Erik banged even harder against the glass divider. “Hey! Stop! Let us out!”

Brittany and I kept trying to open the doors and windows but they were all locked. We heard a loud bang and looked back to see a bright, fiery light in the dark night sky. It was coming from the airport building. Part of the building had exploded, leaving fire and plumes of smoke in the air.

I moved closer to the back window. “Oh my God! Erik, look!”

“What the hell? This can’t be happening!” Erik beat on the glass again, trying to get the driver’s attention. “Who are you? Let us out! I swear I’ll break this thing!” But the glass wouldn’t break. It didn’t even crack. If we still had our abilities, Erik would have broken the glass without a problem. But now both he and I had normal strength, which wasn’t enough to help us.

“They’re in that building!” I screamed. “Colin and Jack are in there! We have to go back!” Brittany and I pounded on the back and side windows.

Erik sat back. “You can’t break it, Sam. It’s reinforced glass.”

I stopped, frozen in disbelief as I watched the airport get farther and farther away. “It was a set up. The whole thing was a trap.”

Books in the Series 

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About The Author 

Stephanie Karpinske

A former editor for a publishing company, Stephanie Karpinske has worked on several bestselling nonfiction books. Now she freelances full-time, writing for a variety of books and national magazines. The Samantha Project is her debut YA novel and is the first in The Samantha Project series. Stephanie lives in Des Moines, Iowa.

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Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

This series is new to me Angelica, and I enjoyed the excerpt, thanks for sharing it!

Alise said...

Hadn't heard of this one, but I really like that cover. I'm really loving all these new sci-fi novels that are coming out :) Thanks for sharing!


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