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Thursday 7 February 2013

Know Me Better

Know Me Better is a new weekly feature hosted by Kathy at I Am A Reader Not A Writer. Weekly Kathy will post 5 questions (from Author Interview Questions) which she will personally answer. Participants can do the same by either commenting on Kathy's Know Me Better post for the week or by doing a blog post like I have and linking to it here

This is the first time I'm participating in this meme. As some of you may know I'm still trialing most memes, so far I've decided on Stacking the Shelves, Top Ten Tuesday and Feature & Follow Friday. If you have any other weekly features that you'd like to recommend to me, please leave a comment below. 

I really like this feature as it would give me the chance to get to know other Bloggers and my readers and fellow bloggers can get to know me in return.

1. Is there anything you would like to say to or ask your favorite Author?
I'd like to have a long conversation with them! I'll ask about everything about their books, their life and really get to know them and of course I'll be asking them to sign and personalize my books. 

2. Are you a Dreamer or a Realist?

Too much of a Realist that I sometimes come across as a bit blunt. 

3. Theater or Rental?

Both. I enjoy going to the movies but I also do enjoy sitting at the comfort of my own home in my PJ's, popcorn and munchies and putting a rental on.

4. Share a Family Tradition?

My family is spread around the world so we don't have a family tradition that we participate in yearly. However, when we are altogether during the Christmas to New Year holiday we always do road trips.

5. Favorite late night snack?

It really depends, I go through my phases where I would eat something non-stop for weeks on end and then I'll get sick of it and then move on to something else. The most recent would have to be banana cake/loaf from Michelle's Patisserie and Sara Lee's Sticky Date Pudding.



Kathy Habel said...

Thanks for participating.

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been meaning to clean up a bit my sidebar, I feel like there's no order.
I would also ask them to sign my books, why didn't I think of that. That looks like a fun tradition, I like road trips and if my whole family got to go on one, I think it would be so much fun.

Abbi Hart said...

Great answers! Your blog design is really cute-I love it! Thanks for stopping by my post!

Book Bunny said...

I absolutely love WWW Wednesday meme hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading, it's so informative for the readers and fun to do :)

Unknown said...

There is something great to be said for watching movies at home in PJs. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you htto://

Jinky said...

"Jinky can you pls tell me how you are able to get threaded comments? I can't seem to find the info and I don't know much HTML coding :("

Hi Angelica, thanks for stoppin' by and for the follow. Go here.. for answer to your question. I'm no wiz at html either that's why I have trouble having the REPLY button working for ME! It's awful, I've actually been meaning to take it off because it's useless since I can't reply to the comments. If you figure it out, let me know ..hehehe.

I like the road trip tradition. Sounds fun! --New follower as well.

Lee @ Rally the Readers said...

I do that, too, where I eat the same thing until I get tired of it, find something else to move on to for a while, and then start the cycle all over again. I never get tired of anything chocolate, though! Thanks for stopping by our post!

Vonnie said...

Family road trips could be fun but I don't like going into trips with mine. There's always more fighting then enjoying each other's company.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Carmen B. said...

Road trips are an awesome tradition! :D I've never gone on one because there isn't much of a point if you can cross your entire country in 4-5 hours...
Sorry for getting back to you so late! (The day you commented on was my Birthday and I wasn't really online)
About the slideshow: I don't really know how to do it either (for instance I'd like it to move a bit faster), I basically copied the code from a how-to post by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and entered my own blog buttons and links. You can find her awesome blog and the post here.


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