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Sunday 25 November 2012

Celebrate YA books with Beth Revis

Beth Revis author of Across the Universe series is hosting a once-in-a-lifetime giveaway and I'm serious when I say once-in-a-lifetime!!! The giveaway prize is...drumroll please...a library of signed YA books, as in FIFTY Young Adult books signed by their respective authors. Yes you read correctly. 

To view the entire prize pack go here or simply click on the button/pic of this post.

Why do I love YA? 

Young Adult as a genre is my favorite over others because in my experience, YA is not held down by any rules. YA books can have stories of fairies and another world, love stories between vampires and warewolves etc and it still be considered a great read, whereas if a story of a similar nature was produced in Adult Fiction it would most likely be disected due to it's lack of realism. I have also found that the YA authors have a bigger scope for imagination, eg. JK Rowling with the Harry Potter series...need I say more? 

There are so many of us who are no longer in the "young adult" age-group that thrive on YA books and I am so glad that there was a recent boom in YA as a genre because I don't know what I would be doing now or what I would be reading if it wasn't for it.

The reason I chose to answer in this method, YA-genre as a whole is because I simply cannot shortlist my fave YA books and authors or even a chosen genre in Young Adult books LOL 


Unknown said...

That was an awesome giveaway!!! Good luck. ;)


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