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Wednesday 19 October 2011

Forgotten by Cat Patrick

Title:- Forgotten
Author:- Cat Patrick 
Date Published:- June 1, 2011

Goodreads Synopsis:-
I remember forwards. I remember forwards, and forget backwards. My memories, bad, boring, or good haven't happened yet. So I will remember standing in the fresh-cut grass with the black-clad figures surrounded by stone until I do it for real. I will remember the funeral until it happens - until someone dies. And after that, it will be forgotten. Here's the thing about me: I can see my future, but my past is blank. I see the future in flashes, like memories. I remember what I'll wear tomorrow, and a car crash that won't happen till this afternoon. But yesterday has evaporated from my mind - just like the boy I love. I can't see him in my future. I can't remember him from my past. But today, I love him. And I never want to forget how much.

London Lane's memory resets every 4.33am. To be able to live 'normally' she writes herself a note daily before bed and reads it in the morning before she starts her day. Everything is written on her notes including the mundane and the boring, but I suppose if you can't recall the day before, such notes would be vital.
London recalls the future but is unable to see her past. So when she starts having dreams of a scene at a funeral, she makes the assumption that this event will happen in the future. 

Then there's Luke, her boyfriend, yet she can't recall him from the day before and she doesn't see him in her future either...where does he sit in her life?

I really loved the idea of "Forgotten". Reading the synopsis had me wanting to read the book soon after I heard about it, so when I saw it at my local library, so crisp and new I just had to grab it off the shelves immediately. It certainly wasn't a disappointment. However, if your looking for a fast-paced, page turner kind of book, you'd be slightly disappointed.

"Forgotten" is well paced, the story unravels slowly, but perfectly. Readers don't miss anything and we are able to follow the story in the Author's intended pace. "Forgotten" begins as a Contemporary Young Adult Fiction with a dollop of mystery as the story progresses.

London was a great protagonist, she was not overly perfect, she was sometimes reluctant and scared to uncover the truth whilst at the same time she was also determined to know what has happened to her and her past memories. I thoroughly enjoyed her journey through figuring out the little clues that came her way regarding her life, past, future and relationships. I also enjoyed her imperfectness, it made me laugh when she got really upset or she doesn't want to recall something she simply "forgets" by not writing it in her notes the night before. 

Luke was simply swoon-worthy, the perfect Gentleman but I sometimes wonder how a High School student could be that mature and suave LOL I didn't know teen boys that were that perfect in relationships back in my days. He was just too Romeo-like for me, always doing the perfect things and always saying the right things. Sometimes I don't enjoy overly perfect characters as I don't find them relatable or believable.

Patrick's writing was easy and flowed well. The story seemed to have been well thought out. Nothing was missing and everything was thoroughly explained. Story building was perfect, however, don't expect any unexpected ending to the story. I've been reading lots of series' lately so this stand-alone book was well received, I just enjoyed that this book had a proper conclusion and I was really happy with it's ending. 


Amber Elise said...

Hey great review! I gave it a three as well!


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