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Monday 5 September 2011

The Queen's Lady by Eve Edwards

Author:- Eve Edwards
Series:- The Lacey Chronicles Book 
Publisher:- Puffin Books
Date Published:- February 3, 2011
ISBN:- 978-014132733-4
Genre:- Young Adult/Historical Fiction


In 1585 England, Lady Jane Rievaulx (previously known as Percival) arrives at the Queen's court as she takes up position as one of the Queen's Ladies. Her late Husband has ensured this position to keep his young widow safe from his older children.

Unfortunately the late Lord did not anticipate that Lady Jane's position would have her running into her family, the Percivals. No longer having the security and defence of the late Lord they do all that they can to use Jane as their pawn to secure the family's riches.

Then there's James Lacey, he has been troubled as of late and plans to sail to the Americas in hope to find new land and hopefully to find his old self. James Lacey doesn't know the full story as to why Lady Jane departed his land and broke the engagement to his older brother but alas he did not think highly of her, despite his previous growing attraction.

"The Queen's Lady" is the second book to "The Lacey Chronicles" and I must say it was as enjoyable as it's predecessor. Lady Jane has grown so much in character that she is very likeable in this book, unlike the first. James Lacey was a bit less likeable in this book as he was extremely stubborn and just would not allow himself to be happy, despite happiness being pretty much forced upon him. However, once he realised what he wanted he was once again a hero and a likeable one at that.

I felt sorry for Lady Jane in this book. She's grieving for her late Husband whilst his grown children threatens her and does all to ensure she doesn't get to keep any of the riches their late Father had given her and if that's not the worse of her fate she has her own flesh and blood, Father and Brother plotting for a marriage she simply doesn't want, to benefit them and their pockets. I can't imagine how that must all have felt, and she only had one friend she could turn to.

Eve Edwards writing technique remains the same and whilst many may say that it was similar to "The Other Countess" I found the characters and the circumstances surrounding their love affair is different enough that it doesn't feel like your reading the same story with different characters.

Edwards is very descriptive and you are fully emerged into the world and time that her characters are in. You find yourself truly rooting for the best outcome.

There's also other characters that play quite a large part in this story; Diego, introduced in the first book, James Lacey's servant. Milly, Diego's previous employer and Lady Jane's good friend and then there's Christopher Turner, Milly's good friend and aspiring actor. Together, with the main characters, this book is filled with lots of love, laughter and frustration. Despite these characters being secondary to that of Lady Jane and James Lacey, they still fill the book and I don't think that the story would be the same without them. Milly and Diego's love affair, to me, was just as intriguing as Jane and James'. It was great to see two couples, despite the many odds against their relationship fight for their love.

Whilst "The Queen's Lady" does refer to parts in "The Other Countess" these books do not necessarily have to be read in order, but I would still advice you to, as you feel more invested in the characters if you already had previous knowledge of them. Looking forward to "The Rogue Princess". 



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