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Friday 28 November 2008

Organised for Christmas?

Source:- Fourchooks Blog 

Each year I vow to be more organised for Christmas so I can actually enjoy the whole Christmas period. It's now the end of November and my house is certainly not ready for visitors let alone Christmas. In a few days (December 1st) my Christmas tree is due to be put up and yet my house is still in it's chaotic stage. The furniture pieces that I have purchased are still not in their rightful places, some are still in the garage! So I better get a serious move on...

I purchase many things including gifts, wrapping paper, tags etc all that are on sale at the end of each year, they are still in boxes so I can imagine that I'd probably double up for a few people. I can only vow to be more organised once again next year. Many of the items boxed are Christmas decorations, I find that Christmas has become too commercialised and I just hoped that by giving Christmas decorations I'm spreading the true meaning of Christmas to those around me.

Having said that I've got to give myself some credit as I've purchased all but one Christmas gifts for this year already...I've only got Mr's brother to buy for and I'm quite sure I already know what to get him. I'm also thrilled with the amount I spent this year, it has certainly been culled significantly.

Christmas Gifts
Mr's Family 
2 x Sisters + Brother's gf - Peter Alexander PJ pants + miniature Calvin Klein perfume
Step-Brother - Remote Control Flying Bug
Step-Sister - Barbie Doll Set for the doll we got her last year which includes pram + cot + high chair
Combined gifts for step-siblings - Ice Age 1 & 2 DVD

My Friends 
Girlfriend 1 with 2 daughters - My First Nativity Scene + Toy Story 1 & 2 books
Girlfriend 2 with a boy and a girl - My First Operation board game + Toy Story Memory board game
Girlfriend 3 (no kids) - Little Miss Naughty PJ set including pants+singlet+jacket

Mr's Friends 
3 x kids - Personalised Towel Sets
6 & 7 yr old brothers - Transformers talking helmet + PS3 game
8 month old boy - My First Year pewter picture frame

I spent an average of $25/person so I'm very very happy with that price. Like I said each family will most probably get one piece of Christmassy thing as well. I also got good bargains today, at $10 each I got two electronic games similar to that of the fishing game where the round "pond" rotates and the fish' mouth opens and closes as a child with a little rod tries to catch it...I buy these for the Christmas trees under Target/Kmart where they donate the gifts to unfortunate children that do not have homes/families. I do it every year and I always buy two, one for a girl and another for a boy and am glad I found such great games that they can truly enjoy with those around them. I will probably also add a book or two, I just love giving children books!

I've also got to finish wrapping and adding to my Kris Kringle gifts. I've already bought it just got to go to my little box of goodies to see what I can add. So all gifts aside I'm done and will be working this week to get my home organised so I can start the Christmas decorations and wrapping!!! Merry Christmas to all and hope that your all more organised than I am.



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